Hi dolls! I recently got a new apartment in Miami and now that I am finally settled in, I am doing my VERY requested beauty room tour in my new place!

You can watch the entire video glam room tour here:


Wall storage system: ALGOT System from IKEA. This system cost me about $200. Installation is very easy the and entire system is super customizable! I love utilizing vertical space to organize my smaller spaces. The hangers are also from Ikea and the wooden texture elevates the aesthetic of the exposed wardrobe.


The two photos above feature LACK shelving units from IKEA. I love these because they are functional yet aesthetically pleasing, and they are also very simple and easy to assemble. One lack shelf retails for $49.99. CLICK HERE to shop LACK shelves on IKEA. As you saw in my room tour video, I love using file organizers to vertically store my palettes. I purchased most of my acrylic makeup organizers from LadyMoss.

Another IKEA favorite is the MALM desk. This desk is sleek, slim to save space, and features a drawer that fits all of my office supplies and makeup. I purchased two MALM desks, one for my vanity and one for my work desk. This desk comes with the glass table topper included in the package, so you don’t need to purchase the topper separately like other IKEA products. This desk is on the pricy side at $169, but for is space-saving properties and chic visual appeal, I think it’s worth the price.


My fuzzy white stool paired with my vanity is from HomeGoods. I adore it because you can elevate it if needed, and it spins around for easy movement. I use it to film all of my YouTube videos.


My velvet curtains are from IKEA, and the dual curtain rod and sheer panel are from Home Depot. I purchased my office chair and mouse pad on Amazon.

Shop office chair: CLICK HERE

Shop Mouse Pad: CLICK HERE

My mini trash can and sequined cushion are from Five Below (YUP, $5!).

My floating shelf system for my shoe closet is from Home Depot. You can find this in the shelving section at your nearest hardware store. Each shelf cost about $7, and the suspension rod and shelf hooks are between $1-$3 each, so this shoe closet cost me no more than $60.

This hanging organizer is from Five Below as well. It has made my life SO much easier because I can just throw my earrings in a pocket when I am done wearing them. For $5, you can’t say no to this organizational life saver!

This is another essential to stay organized! Like I said before, utitlizing vertical space is KEY to maximizing small spaces. This over the door unit was actually a shoe organizer, but I but bottles of hair products, lotion, straighteners, and curling irons in them instead. This basically disappears when my door is open to conceal the clutter, but its also easily accessible if I need anything from this unit. You can find over the door organizers for affordable prices at your nearest department store.

I hope you enjoyed my room tour! Thanks for watching my video and stopping by โค




89 thoughts on “BEAUTY ROOM//CLOSET TOUR 2017!

  1. Lisa Thanks So Much For Giving Us a Tour Of Your Room & Closet, I Really Appreciate it! This Post Kind Of Caught My Eye Because I Really Need Help With My Closet & I Really Need Help With Storage & Organization! Once upon a Time I Used to Be an Aesthetician & Makeup Artist But I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Accident a Few Years Ago nd It Has Left Me With a Lot of Chronic Pain & Health Problems So I Canโ€™t Work Right Now! Since I Could No Longer Work I Couldnโ€™t Afford to Live On My Own So I Had to Move Back Home With My Parents and I Have Had to Really Rely On Them to Help Me Out Physically & Since Iโ€™m Depressed Now I Rely On Them Emotionally & Definitely Financially! I Hate That They Have To Pay For My Medical Bills & Prescriptions Because They Work Hard For Their Money & They Are the Kindest, Most Giving People Youโ€™ll Ever Know So I Feel So Guilty Fo4 Having To Rely On Them! Anyways Back to the Subject at Hand, Since I Have Moved Back Home Space Has Really Been an Issue Because I Donโ€™t Have a Lot of Storage Space! Before My Accident I Was So Organized & I Kept Everything Immaculate But Now That I Feel So Bad Physically & Emotionally I Just Donโ€™t Put In as Much Effort, I Still Care About Those Things But I Just Donโ€™t Have the Energy Or the Strength To Do Everything I Want to Do! I Just Want to Thank You Again for Sharing Because I Actually Did Get a Lot of Good Ideas Just From Looking at Your Pictures and Hearing How You Stay Organized! Well Thanks Again Lisa, Have a Blessed Day Love! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹โค๏ธ


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