Wellness Wednesday with Allie Bahn: “My life as an Allergic Reactor”

Happy Wednesday Lady Code subscribers,

This past weekend was a life-changing experience for me. I had the opportunity to attend the FARE National Food Allergy Conference in Orlando. While I was there, I met the inspiring Allie Bahn, otherwise known as Miss Allergic Reactor.

Allie Bahn

Allie has personal life-threatening allergies and speaks to those facing similar challenges, teaching them about how to deal with their food allergies and how to thrive in an otherwise difficult food environment.  During her senior year of college, Allie conducted a study program on children with food allergies. Her findings revealed that parents are afraid to allow their children to go out without them for fear that their children would ingest something they were allergic to and have a fatal reaction. This is what inspired Allie to travel the country teaching children how to live an independent and safe lifestyle.

Some of her tips include always carrying an epipen to treat emergency allergic reactions and being prepared for anything. This means planning ahead. She doesn’t want those with allergies to feel inhibited from doing what they want to do.  Allie’s parents recognized the need for her independence and chose the motto “Let’s find a way to make it happen,” words she shares with all parents today.  Living by these words Allie has traveled throughout Italy and Australia bringing her own food in case she can’t readily find safe food. She always brings a chef card, a card with her allergies translated into the official language of the country.

Today, Allie is a licensed Elementary School Teacher in the Boston school district.  You can check out my interview with Allie below.

Remember to visit her website http://www.missallergicreactor.com/ and like her page on Facebook.

Keep checking back every Wednesday for more interviews from FARE.

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone.

~Char ❤



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