Finding happiness

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Sometimes life is a game. A game of good and bad altogether. Well, in this game whoever plays better is considered the best, the winner. If you are not so good at this game of life, you are considered a coward. At some point, those who are “bad players”, the cowards, cannot find anything better to do than to criticize. What do they criticize? Well.. the good game of the other players, in other words someone else’s life.  Although we like to believe that people are of good nature, in the end sadly the world revolves around one’s material possessions such as the clothes one wears, the shoes, the car they drive…etc

If those material things are not deemed worthy, people start criticizing and gossiping. It is sad to say that some live through and for the gossip. Unfortunately the subject matter of a coward’s gossip could be your life, or the life of a loved one… and quite honestly from gossip to envy there is only one small step.

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However, your life is not an open book of confessions…

Those people that are truly happy already know this by now, as well as those who are very, very unhappy and have experienced this first hand.  There is nobody who wishes for your happiness as much as you do. No one will fight as hard as you will towards building your happiness. Same thing with love, you bring in half of your happiness and you complete it with the other half of your significant other. Life has its rules, and so do people. One of the crudest rules is that everyone is ready to step on you if it means finding their own true happiness.  So… to tell stories and impress others with the life you live and show off with the things you do, is nice for others but not for you.  This is the borderline between happiness and unhappiness.. the point when you start gossiping about your own life.

Live life beautifully, sincerely, and happily. Don’t cheat yourself and remember your goals.  What is the purpose of flaunting your achievements and material accomplishments to others? The less the world knows about your life, the more beautiful it is.

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