Benefits tomatoes have that you didn’t know about

Tomatoes are known to be low in calories, filled with vitamin C (which is good for your), also they are fat free…but this is not all. There are many more significant benefits of tomatoes you should know about. One serving of a tomato is a good source of vitamin A, C, K as well as potassium. They are naturally low in saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories. They have a relatively high water content, which makes them a filling food…but there is more!

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Healthy Skin 

Beta carotene that is also found in carrots and sweet potatoes helps protect skin against sun damage. Tomatoes lycopene makes skin less sensitive to UV light damage, a leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles.


Tomatoes will even make your hair look better. The vitamin A found in tomatoes works towards making hair strong and shiny.

Strong Bones

The vitamin K and Calcium in tomatoes are both very good for strengthening and repairing bones. Lycopene has also showed to improve bone mass and this helps fight osteoporosis.

Fight Cancer

Tomatoes are a natural cancer fighter. The secret ingredient, lycopene can reduce the risk of several cancers. Tomatoes’ antioxidants, vitamins A and C fight the free radicals which cause cell damage.

Blood Sugar

Tomatoes keep your blood sugar in balance. They are a very good source of chromium, which regulates blood sugar.


The vitamin A that tomatoes provide can improve your vision as well as it is known to prevent blindness. According to research eating tomatoes reduces the risk of macular degeneration a serious eye condition.

Prevent Kidney Stones

They help prevent kidney stones and gallstones. Research shows that people who incorporate tomatoes in their diets are less likely to have kidney stones.

Lose weight

They can most definitely help with loosing weight. If you are on a diet and exercise plan, include as many tomatoes as possible in your everyday eating. As tomatoes contain lots of water and fiber they are a filling food, this means it fills you up fast without adding a lot of calories or fat.

So… from the many benefits listed above, the bottom line is to make sure to eat your tomatoes and incorporate them in your diet as often as possible.


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