What’s in the gift bag?

When it comes to the right foundation, it is very hard finding the one that works best. Well, the results vary from person to person as well as skin type. I was happy with my foundation but there was something off…after some time I realized it was the color. I have pink undertones and the particular foundation I was using was bringing those out, making the pink more prominent.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.26.15 PM

So I met with an Elizabeth Arden beauty specialist that helped guide me in the right direction. Finally we decided for Flawless Finish 24 Hour. The consistency of it is perfect as well as the undertones. It is a 24 hour last, satin finish foundation that helps hide all imperfections while being gentle on your skin. If your skin is more oil prominent you are in luck! This foundation helps keep the oil under control and keeping your skin Flawless… hence the name.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.20.21 PM

Well along with that, I also received a gift, which I was very, very exited about. It’s your choice between either a turquoise or coral bag, I decided to go with coral (and the contents of the bag are the same). Inside I received from my favorite Elizabeth Arden line Prevage, an anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser that activates and exfoliates the skin. The Pregave anti-aging daily serum, which I have talked about in the past (one of my favorite products ever), as well as the anti-aging overnight cream typically best used after the serum on face and neck, every night.

Along with the Prevage line I received the Original Eight Hour Cream – Skin Protectant, which is an amazing moisturizer that also treats symptoms of chapping, peeling, and flaking due to minor burns, sunburns, or scrapes. This little product came in at the perfect time for me as I have been using some harsher products lately that have caused my skin to be very dry. Lastly, the gift bag includes my ultimate favorite Elizabeth Arden lipstick – Pretty Pink 23, which is the perfect shade between a nude and light pink lip, I absolutely love it! Along with that there was also the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss. 

You should make a trip sometime soon to a store that carries Elizabeth Arden so that you can also receive your gift! ❤


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