MAJOR FALL 2017 ANTI-HAUL: Products I am NOT purchasing

I skipped out on a LOT of makeup palettes recently including the Huda Beauty DESERT DUSK, Kylie Cosmetics PURPLE PALETTE, and the Fenty Beauty GALAXY palette. Watch the anti haul video below to find out why along with some great alternatives that I absolutely LOVE right now!

Products I regret buying this year:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

I thought I loved this palette at first but as I used it I realized that the product is chalky and the fallout is abnormally excessive. It is not worth the $42 and I’m so sad because I used to love Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

This was the second palette from ABH that arrived broken! I got a replacement and did this review:

The colors are bland and the black was TERRIBLE! There was no pigment and I have not used this palette since I filmed the tutorial. ugh.

Kylie Take Me On Vacation Palette

This palette was a major waste of money. I ended up sending this to one of my subscribers because it was not for me. I think the colors were too light and transparent, and at this point I am just over Kylie Cosmetics in general.


My ride or die palette right now is the Morphe 35o 2 Second Nature palette. The colors are so pigmented it is unreal and they blend like butter! I can’t live without this palette

I also love:

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in Fawn (no.5)

Kevyn Aucoin The Molten Lip Color in Rose Gold

Ardell Beauty Brow Pens and Liquid Lip Liners

Fenty Beauty Foundation and contour sticks

Cover FX Translucent powder

What are your favorite beauty products right now? What products are you not buying, and which ones do YOU regret buying? Let me know in the comments below!





39 thoughts on “MAJOR FALL 2017 ANTI-HAUL: Products I am NOT purchasing

  1. This winter I prefer to invest in/on skincare products, I have been lazy in that area, and now I am definitely concerned about it!!!


  2. Definitely agree about the Anastasia Palettes! They just aren’t like the Modern Renaissance! I really really really want to try out the Morphe 35O2 because it looks incredible!!! Love you!!


  3. I have been buying more lipsticks this season. I just don’t seem to have the time to do full glam looks and I mess up eyeshadow if I am in a hurry. So for the little bit of glam, its lipstick all the way for me. I do want to get the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette and maybe a few of the Juvia’s Place palettes if and when I have the money.


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