How to Create a Sleek High Ponytail with Volume || Clip In Hair Extensions

I’ve always loved the way a sleek, full high ponytail looks but I never tried the look on myself because I used to be insecure about my thin hair and crazy, uncontrollable hairline. I used to fill in my hairline with eyeshadow but I recently discovered an easier trick to conceal a thin hairline using root concealer spray or hair building fiber spray. Thanks to this trick and my hair extensions I can finally wear this look and feel 100% confident! I’ve been wearing this look for my major events so I wanted to film a tutorial showing exactly how I work the extensions in. I hope you try this look too!


Rita Hazan Root Concealer Spray – Sephora
Toppik Hair Thickening Spray –
OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil – Sephora
Hair Secrets Clip in Hair Extensions –
Bobby Pins 
2-3 Hair Ties
Hair brush


If you have struggled with thin/fine hair or wierdo hair lines like me, try these other ladycode videos and tutorials for more tips on how to feel 100% confident by creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair!

How to make hair look fuller (use this technique only for special events-it is verry rough on your hair!)

Hair Secrets Extensions review/demo:

Best/worst hair extensions:

Update: Since I dyed my hair back to black I’m so happy to be using the Hair Secrets extensions again, I also got the Hidden Crown Extensions in my hair color and it is A-MAZING! I use the Hidden Crown halo style for my every day use!

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38 thoughts on “How to Create a Sleek High Ponytail with Volume || Clip In Hair Extensions

  1. I am looking for that Rita H. Root Concealer Spray after this tutorial!! Thank you so much for this!! I have felt the same way with respect to my hair line and fine hair for so long, finally I have learned a great trick !!

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    1. Hey love! My little sister (she has the same problem too lol) told me that they sell root concealer spray at any drugstore too! She couldn’t go to Sephora so she uses what she got from her local drugstore-Any root concealer will work 🙂 It’s a different brand but it’s a fraction of the price and you get the same results! Have fun with your new hairline! XOX

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  2. Does your hair concealer rub off if you touch it? I was checking out the ones that are available here in India and L’Oreal has a root concealer for about 5 dollars but people said if you touch it, it comes off on your hand.

    I do have a crown extension that is basically like a small padded piece of black fabric with hair extensions on top of it which I have been using. It also helps with the hairline but only thing is that it adds volume on top in the shape of a puff (pouff) and its hard to style into a ponytail cause of that. Its best for half up do’s.


    1. Hey Ananya! Try applying translucent powder or makeup setting spray over the root concealer after you spray it. Mine smears too but I’ve noticed setting it keeps it in place 🙂 I hope this helps!


      1. yes it does! So much! Thank you for responding. I have to go to a wedding on Sunday. I am going to try this then 🙂


    1. you can do the same stuff with curly hair by straightening them out and following this tutorial. Extensions can also be curled and kept in that shape using hair spray.


    1. Make sure you get a wooden comb. They help with untangling hair without breaking it and can also be used on wet hair. Make 2 braids when you sleep. That way the hair at the nape of your neck wont be able to get tangled. Use a silk pillow case. It causes less friction when you sleep and so less breakage and tangling. I know you didnt ask me for tips but I thought I would share anyway 🙂


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