Hi beauties! Today I finally had a chance to sit down and review my KKW Beauty x Makeup by Mario Bundle. I got the eyeshadow palette, both glosses (super nude & juicy) and the creme lipstick, classic k. Here is my full unboxing, try on, and first impression review of the KKW x Mario collection:

I took Makeup by Mario’s master class almost two years ago and this collection is very on brand with his style. He is excellent with natural looks so these colors reflect his signature style. I was so sick of seeing the blue eyeshadow looks on social media so I decided to create a video WITHOUT using the blue. The blue (Libra) color is great and I don’t have anything against it, but I wanted to share a look that was a little bit different from the flood of blue eyeshadow 🙂

Let me know what you think of the collection!


  1. Lisa! I love your look you created. Stunning and different from the blue trend with this palette!! Love!!!! -Emma


  2. This palette looks absolutely amazing! I love all of your reviews because they are so honest and I love that about you!


  3. I think it’s a pretty cool palette, but I don’t think it would go along with me. Anyway, it looks amazing on you 😀


  4. I love how honest you are with your review but am I the only one that think that this look like one of Kylie’ s pallets??!!


  5. Your looks are always so pretty and I loved that you used the other beautiful shades in the palette besides the blue. So refreshing to see


  6. i agree with you that the palette is great but i can live without it and it was a great idea not to use the libra color on the lids bc this look was already getting boring since everyone was doing it


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