Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour Review

Hey foodies! Miami Culinary Tours treated me to their Wynwood food tour yesterday. As you may have seen on my story, it was a lot of fun and the food was incredible. Our tour guide, Marie, started off the tour with the history of Wynwood, Miami’s hip, up and coming art district.

At each stop, our tour guide took the time to explain the ingredients of each dish we were trying, along with background information about each dining location. My favorite part about the tour was that it was a walking tour, so we were able to truly see Wynwood while trying its unique cuisine.

Our tour included 5 total dining stops. I showed up STARVING and I was struggling to finish the last two meals, so there is definitely plenty to eat. The Wynwood tour started with small sandwiches at a vegan restaurant. The second stop was a Peruvian restaurant where they served us ceviche and tacos. The third stop was a taco bar with more tacos, and the fourth stop served us sliders and tuna tartare. Our final stop was dessert, where we had fantastic gelato.

This tour did include drinks and an alcoholic beverage at one location. I have a food allergy, and the tour guide did everything she could to cater to my food allergy, which was awesome. Another person on the tour also had an allergy and she was accommodated as well.

The tour lasted about 2-3 hours and we learned so much about the Wynwood neighborhood that Franz and I decided to walk around and explore even more after the tour. Miami Culinary Tours is a local, small business, and they also offer tours of South Beach and Little Havana. I’m definitely dying to try the Little Havana food tour next, because I LOVE Cuban sandwiches and Mojitos!

Have you ever taken a culinary tour? What was your experience like? let me know in the comments below!




14 thoughts on “Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour Review

  1. Ahhhhh… This is so nice! I would love to have the chance to do the tour! I am super fan of Latin American food! Tacos, Pupusas, Enchiladas, Mojitos… What a dream! So glad they take care of your allergies’ condition!


  2. All the food looked and sounded so so yummy, and the Wynwood Art District looks like such a nice place to tour. I’ve never taken a culinary tour before, but I worked with a Doctor who’s wife was a chef ( a really great one ), and they did them all the time. She would practice recreating the dishes, and he would bring them into the office for the staff and most everything was delectable 👌🏼😋 ( now theres a word I don’t use often 😂). I’ve got to put “Culinary Tour” on my bucket list! Thanks for Sharing XOXO~Crystal Fuentes


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