Bratislava Travel Blog || Miss Universe Slovakia with La Casa Hermosa

The pageant world is so amazing because it’s all about the empowerment of women and it’s a global thing so it gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world! Iva Ivanova, the owner of La Casa Hermosa called me about a month ago to tell me that she needed me to go to Bratislava, Slovakia with her for the Miss Universe Slovakia pageant. If you asked me a month ago where I would want to go in the world, Slovakia would not be at the top of my list because I know nothing about it. I am so glad my career brought me there because my experience in Slovakia was amazing! Watch my full Bratislava, Slovakia Vlog here:

We spent the first two days sightseeing in Bratislava.Β 

Shirt & Backpack: ZARA Madrid
Faux Fur Coat: ZARA Lincoln Road
Shoes: Fashion Nova

That evening we went to SKY bar in Bratislava which was gorgeous! They had amazing food and drinks, fresh squeezed juices (I had a mixed juice drink called Bax Bunny), and incredible views of the city. I recommend making reservations because this place is always full.

Day 2, the day of the Miss Universe Slovakia finals, we went to watch the rehearsals for a little bit before getting ready. I liked seeing the rehearsals because you can get a peek of the show in a relaxed environment. We met up with Georgina Vaughan, the official photographer of Miss USA, Miss Slovak Republic, and now Miss Universe, her friends Jaffet, and the Miss Universe Slovakia staff at the rehearsals.

The finals night made us feel like princesses in a castle! Everything was so glam and luxurious! Since Iva’s company, La Casa Hermosa is the official gown sponsor of Miss Universe Slovakia, we got VIP seating (and treatment!) for the event. This pageant was like watching a TV show because they shared the entire process on how they selected the finalists in a production. Unlike traditional pageants, there was not top 5, or on stage question. The evening gown portion was pre-taped beautifully.

Iva wanted an edgy hairstyle so got creative with her hair and did a sleek pulled back look on her. I think the hair style really highlighted her earrings and La Casa hermosa gown!

I rarely wear my hair up but I wanted to do a clean and edgy look too so I decided to show off my new black hair with a high pony full of extensions!

Miss Universe Slovakia 2017 is Vanessa Bottanova! She won in my absolute favorite gown ever! Every time I go to La Casa Hermosa I adore it and wish I could get it lol! Iva let me try on the dress after the pageant and I didn’t want to take it off.

The next day, we went to Vienna Austria because it’s a quick, 1 hour train ride from Bratislava! Watch out Vienna Vlog here:

We were also blessed with a 22 hour layover in Brussels so we went out sightseeing in Belgium!

I have my next international trip booked-Can you guess where we are going? Hint: It’s in Asia

I can’t wait to share my next travel vlog with you!



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