Motivational Monday: “Better Woman Better Earth” With Honey and Sage

Two weeks ago, at the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas I had the opportunity to speak with Nova, the founder of Honey and Sage©, about prompted her to launch her company. Honey and Sage is dedicated to helping woman with the tools to care for themselves.

While training to be a Midwife, Nova began to see a discrepancy between the soon to be first time mothers and the mothers who already had a child. They were tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Nova reflected that she too felt that way and wanted to create a tool kit for women. Guided by her mantra “Healthy Women lead to a Healthy Country,” her goal is to create a community for women made up of women.


I was so taken with Nova and her business partner, Sarah, and how their company specifically serves women, I knew I had to interview them for Lady Code. They both exude such beautiful energy, posses extensive knowledge about health and wellness and the compassion for helping women thrive in their life and in motherhood.

When asked what we can do to empower women, Nova responded “Modeling self- care”. I believe in leading by example and in order to empower other women to change the world, we first must take care of ourselves. When we take care of ourselves, we remind other women they have the ability to empower themselves. This allows them to “take a step back to do their best and honest work.”

Among the many beautiful Honey and Sage products, I was curious to find out which were Nova’s favorites.

Nova’s Favorites:

  1. Smudge Spray
  2. Herbal Steam which has rosemary, calendula, rose and lavender, which opens pores allowing the herbs to enter your system, leaving you refreshed and nourished.
  3. Holy Wellness Cozy Tea which includes organic herbs and spices like cinnamon, cacao shells, ginger root and chicory root which is known to help you relax.

My personal favorite is the Holy Wellness Tea- Divini-tea. Made with coconut flakes, cinnamon and cacao this tea is perfect in the evening when trying to relax and begin my night. I mix it with a bit of honey and I can’t stop refilling my cup.


The beauty of Honey and Sage doesn’t stop there. They have a line for women going through pregnancy and postpartum in addition to oils and salt scrubs. They even offer monthly subscription boxes for women known as Sage Woman, Holy Wellness. For women going through their period, they offer a special kit known as Moon Time.

Honey and Sage care package

Nova and Sarah have done such a great job creating a community for women. They have gatherings and retreats for women to connect with one another, to empower each of them to practice self care. Sometimes, there are lessons or lectures at these gatherings, but for the Spring Equinox, they even had a tea party. You can sign up for future gatherings here.


I want to motivate everyone to practice self care and love. After meeting these to glowing individuals, I took a step back to examine whether I was honoring my body and health. There motto is “Better Woman Better Earth”! Lady Code is all about honoring women and empowering them to do whatever it is they set their mind to. Today, I want to empower the #Ladycodearmy to lead a healthy day and life for you, your sisters, friends and children.

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Love and light,

Char ❤

14 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: “Better Woman Better Earth” With Honey and Sage

  1. How true is this….you definitely can’t care for others if you aren’t caring for yourself! Thanks for this inspirational read!!


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