The Power of “Girl Code”

Happy Motivational Monday everyone!

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about the power of “girl code”; women sticking together to protect one another and extending a sense of loyalty if for no other reason than because of their shared gender. It is so important for us women to work together and protect each other. This could range anywhere from not dating a friend’s ex-, giving a feminine hygiene product to a complete stranger, or waiting with a lone woman outside late at night as she waits for a cab.

We have to be willing to put ourselves in another woman’s shoes and take a moment to consider their feelings, fears or insecurities, so that we can stand by one another when the time comes.

Lady Code stands for Anti-bullying and Women’s Empowerment. It’s the perfect place to talk about women sticking together and supporting one another. Girls compete, but women empower. It’s easy to do the right thing, whether it’s hanging out a little longer to make sure that woman gets her ride or offering a few words of encouragement to someone who’s clearly upset. We are stronger together!

Make sure to check out the video below!

Happy Motivational Monday

Char ❤

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