Time for a giveaway

Hello Tuesday!


Today we are doing a giveaway of my favorite aromatherapy brand, Little Moon Essentials. They have everything from bath salts, to hand lotion to muscle rubs. You cannot go wrong when using any product from Little Moon.

Lady Code is giving away 5 wonderful Little Moon Essential products and they could be yours. The following will be in a gift basket:

1 full size Soothing Floral Foot Soak made from chamomile, lavender and rose petals. It helps with depression, anxiety and is great for soothing your feet before bed.

1 small Soothing Floral Foot lotion made from lavender which is great for soothing your feet after a soak.

1 small Shine on Sugar Moisturizing Exfoliant made from sugar and avocado.

1 Clear Mind Aromatherapy Mist (I call it reassurance in a bottle.) This mist is great for energy and providing mental awareness.

1 small Tired Old A** Cream, made from eucalyptus. It is wonderful for energy and helps restore your body.

Little Moon

For a chance to win all these amazing goodies follow Lady Code on Instagram at ladycode_ follow us on Facebook at Lady Code and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You also have to follow Little Moon Essentials on Instagram at LittleMoonEssentials and on Facebook at Little Moon Essentials.

Please comment your usernames so we can check if you are following.  The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Tuesday.

You can search for more Little Moon Essential products at https://www.littlemoonessentials.com/

You can see the video below

Best of Luck to all of you!

Char ❤

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