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Back in February, I was working on a project together with Vanessa Santillana, Pilates and Yoga instructor and photographer Salvador Diaz.  Well, as it is long overdue, here is the final product with pictures!

Have you ever asked yourself what Pilates really means?

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yoga, miami, south beach yoga, pilates, lady code

yoga, pilates, detox, stress free, relax, ladycode, salvador diaz

yoga, pilates, miami yoga, ladycode

Pilates is a method based towards strengthening the “powerhouse” that means the core, however not only it gives you a nice waist, but also increases your flexibility and posture. How amazing is that?! All of this is done in one method: Pilates: let’s talk a little bit about its story. 

The creator of Pilates is Joseph Pilates, a man that looked 20 years younger than his actual age thanks to all the exercises he created. During the Second World War, he had to take care of patients in a hospital…but what does this have to do with Pilates? Well, the Reformer Pilates looks like a hospital bed. Why? Together with some patients Joseph created some exercises to see if they could recover soon. The results were amazing and the patients had a speedy recovery. This is how Joseph discovered that these exercises create a better quality of life. Three benefits in one: get fit, become more flexible, as well as strengthen your core.  In the first 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in the next 20 sessions you will see a difference, and the following 30 after that you will have a new body. 

Pilates connects the mind with the body, during a Pilates class you could experience this. Pilates creates more focus on our breathing and body. There are of course many benefits to Pilates such as: toned legs, inner thighs, core, and arms. It also helps with back pain, increases flexibility, and it is suitable for even pregnant women.

While taking Pilates classes I felt stronger, feelings of well being, and my body was relaxed. While performing the exercises I was able to release stress from my back and neck. Moreover, my posture has changed a lot. During the class, I am completely focused on my breathing therefore my attention is in the present moment, creating a deep bridge between mind and body.

If you have never tried it before, I recommend you try this method and your body will thank you for it! 



Pants – Lululemon

Top – Athletica

Mat – Lululemon

For more information you can find Vanessa on Instagram @vanessasantillana.

The amazing pictures above were taken by Salvador Diaz. You can contact him: or on Instagram @salvidiaz.

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