One on One with Natalie McGovern: Ms. Nebraska United States 2014

Happy Tuesday Lady Code! Today I am thrilled to introduce you to our Ms. Nebraska United States 2014, Natalie McGovern! She is a great role model in her community and is a successful entrepreneur. In her free time, she loves singing, acting, writing, blogging, theatre, and traveling. She took a few moments from her very busy life to share some advice with Lady Code!


About Natalie:

Age: 27

Favorite Color: Fuschia

Favorite Book: One Fifth Avenue

Favorite Workout: Pilates

Education: Bachelors degree in PR/Advertising

Occupation: Entrepreneur, owner of Pick A Princess Parties and Christie Entertainment

Hobbies: Singing, acting, writing, blogging, theatre and traveling.

Natalie McGovern Miss Nebraska United States

Congratulations on being Ms. Nebraska United States 2014! Can you tell us how you got involved with pageantry?

I competed for Nebraska’s National American Miss at 15 when I received a postcard in the mail and expressed an interest in Nebraska’s Junior Miss in highschool. When I was 23 I pursued competing for Miss America and won a local Miss Nebraska title. I have been going strong ever since, holding the titles of Miss Alliance 2012, Miss River City USA 2013, and Ms. Nebraska United States 2014.

What would you say to a woman who may be on the line about competing in a pageant?

I say go for it, you won’t regret getting out on that stage and giving it your best shot. You’ll end up making friends be able to feel good about competing for your chance at a once in a lifetime dream.

What is the most rewarding thing about pageants?

The most rewarding thing about pageants are the people you get to meet and network with along the way, and the experiences you gain from being involved with the community.

What are some challenges that you have faced on your way to your current success, and how did you overcome them?

For two years I fell really ill and it was a bit of a struggle to regain total health.

Tell us about your platform:

My platform focuses on mental health awareness, specifically in the area of OCD. The Peace of Mind Foundation is a nonprofit I’ve partnered with for about four years as I continue to spread awareness for this cause that’s close to me. I also help to promote the Miss United States national platform Relay for Life.


Have you ever experienced bullying?

In a sense, yes. I ignored it because not everyone is going to like you. I have to remember that validation does not come from what people think of me or their opinions. People usually bully due to underlying insecurities and other issues. I focus on who I am and what I’m doing instead of what others are saying, but if I need to, I stand up for myself and call out the behavior.

Do you have any advice you can offer for our readers who may be bullied?

Never let someone put you down because they are jealous of you or are just being mean to be mean. Those people may exist, but we don’t have to give them any power.

What can our readers do within their communities to get involved?

Find a cause you are passionate about and start volunteering. If your foundation is based in another city like mine, connect with them personally and find ways to help support them through various charity events. Social Media is a great way to spread awareness about your foundation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Five years from now I see myself in the entertainment industry, pursuing my dream of being a crossover and recording artist and also a published author. I have a lot of ambitions but there are definitely some long term goals I strive to accomplish.

What does being a role model mean to you?

Being a role model means being someone others aspire to emulate and someone who reflects a positive lifestyle with ethics and morals.

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