Ten Things Every Girl Should Pack When Traveling Abroad

Hello Lady Code!

I recently returned from a refreshing journey through the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Traveling is something that has always been a part of my life and over time and tough lessons learned I’ve compiled a list of things that every female should take when traveling abroad.

Desert Safari in the Arabian Desert with our friend Hussain!

10. Leggings. Lots of them. They take up minimal space, and they are comfortable and fashionable. If its cold, add a layer. If its hot, scrunch them up to your knees!

Women traveling abroad along tips
My timer-set selfie in Xania, Crete in 2011! The leather bag was all I had for 5 days, so I packed a lot of leggings to stay comfortable and save space!

9. Herbal Tea. You never know when you might feel a bit under the weather, or have an upset stomach. It’s great to have a few packs of your favorite herbal tea on hand. Just add hot water 🙂

8. Pashmina. Any large scarf or wrap works here. This is my absolute must have for when I travel abroad, because it has so many uses. Sometimes, if I am visiting a Muslim country or a mosque, I must cover my hair. If its cold outside or on a plane/train, I can use it as a blanket. If I find a beach and want to sit or lay in the sand, I can lay on it. Sometimes, you will enter a conservative setting where more coverage is appropriate. You can use the wrap to cover your chest, back or arms as necessary.

Women Traveling abroad tips
Landing in Prague after trekking through Morocco and Egypt. Thank goodness I had TWO pashminas handy to layer on and adjust to the drastic weather change!
women tracling alone tips abroad 1
My pashmina beach set up in San Sebastian, Spain

7. Travel size tissues. Not for your runny nose! You may encounter unfamiliar restrooms abroad, especially in the Middle East and Asia. The use of toilet paper is uncommon so keep a pack of tissues handy at all times if you want to avoid hosing down in public restrooms!

asian style toilet
Figuring out how to use this thing is difficult enough…dealing with no toilet paper? Oh come on…

6. Crossbody/shoulder bag. With a zipper. Cling on to your bags tightly, especially in Europe to avoid getting pick pocketed. The gypsies in Europe will do the extreme to get their hands on your wallet! Make sure your bag is always visible and in sight, and secured. While living in Barcelona, I’ve seen men on motorcycles snatch handbags from women walking on the edge of the street, people on the train snatching a handbag and running off the train right before the doors close, and some will even cut a hole in the bottom of your bag while you are shopping or enjoying a street performance and steal your wallet. They are professionals so be aware! I was robbed in Cannes, France while watching a street performance by break dancers. It was not a pleasant trip through the south of France and Monaco with no ATM/credit cards!

meteora greece women cover up
Little me in Meteora! No matter where you are, keep your bag in sight! Losing your wallet while abroad and alone is a horrible and dangerous situation.

5. Flat boots/booties. Comfortable ones. Traveling usually means tons of walking and sightseeing, so the best thing to pair with your leggings are of course, cute boots!

palace of knossos travel women abroad greece
Awkward but comfortable hiking in my booties through the Palace of Knossos in Crete.


4. A good eye. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when traveling alone. Check to see how women wear their hair, carry their handbags, and how they dress. You should try your best to mimic their look to avoid attracting unwanted attention to yourself. The safest thing to do is to try and blend in with the locals. Don’t have a wandering gaze, carry yourself the way the local women do for your own safety. In some countries, making eye contact with a man is a sign of flirting, so be careful where you look.

blue mosque women cover up
Fully covered in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul!
Kadooment Barbados
Barely covered at Kadooment in Barbados!

3. Know before you go. PDA is frowned upon and sometimes illegal in some countries. Check the laws if you are traveling with a significant other and make sure you won’t unknowingly break any laws!


2. Granola/protein bars. Sometimes, no matter how open of an mind you have, you might not enjoy the food available at your destination. Bring some food bars with you so you don’t starve!

1. Sunglasses. Save space by taking minimal eye makeup, and throw on your shades for the photos! Embrace the experience and don’t waste any time fixing your makeup or hair for the photos!

egypt sphinx women travling
Early morning tours=tired eyes and no time for makeup! Sunglasses will help you take a photo thats sharable =)


What do you pack when you travel? If I missed something, share your travel tips below! Remember, traveling is an incredible experience and is very safe as long as you are educated on the customs and cultures of your destination. I have traveled alone numerous times along with many other women all over the world. We are cautious but we don’t let fear keep us from seeing our beautiful world! Happy traveling!

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