We Positive

When it comes to my accessories, I get bored pretty easily. There are days when I want extravagance, other times when I look for simplicity.  Fashion is always changing: today silver is in highest demand, tomorrow everyone wants gold!

European inspiration and fashion has always been near and dear to my heart. As I always like to say the European fashion style is innovative, unique, and eye-catching. Each time I went to Europe I was not disappointed by the fashion sense. Everything seemed to be always a step ahead. A particular accessory was first introduced and popular there, and after sometime it became popular in other countries.


Well, I want to share a little secret with you…

This can put you a step ahead in the accessories line of fashion!

We Positive Bracelets – made exclusively in Italy!

These fashion forward bracelets were inspired and born by chance. They are not just simple accessories without a meaning, their message is quite unique.

The philosophy of these bracelets is: “To create a good quality product, that instills a message of sheer optimism!”

These bracelets send out a happy, positive message to “think positive”, “take it easy”. This can be a quick reminder for yourself, in your sad and hard moments of your day, but by wearing it, you can also brighten someone else’s day.


Wearing these bracelets has helped me pick myself up from weird moods, or when I felt like I was struggling and wanted to give up. Glancing at the positive messages, gives you the motivation, strength, and belief that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to with hard work, perseverance and to never give up!

There are several motivational messages that these bracelets communicate:

We Positive

Choose to live your life better

Feel good

Have a nice day

Be yourself

Proud of you

Stay on top

Don’t worry be happy

Live your life well

Take it easy

Stay positive and happy

Respect yourself

Be friendly

Never feel alone

After rain comes sun

Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good

If you smile at the life, life smiles back at you

Always choose life

Lucky star

Find somebody to love

Good luck

Aside from the wonderful motivational messages that these bracelets convey, they are uniquely created. These bracelets are not your usual, boring accessory! They are very different in the way that they are made and help enhance your outfit.

There are different collections from casual to fancy that you can choose from depending on your mood, occasion, and outfit. Some of the collections are: Cartoon Location, Holiday Collection, Luxury Collection, My Song Collection, Printed Collection, Vintage Collection, and the New 2015 Collection. 

I love all of the collections, however my ultimate favorite one is the Luxury Collection. I am currently wearing the Gold bracelet with the Swarovski crystals.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.44.00 PM




Aside from the meaningful motivational messages that these bracelets transpose and the fact that whenever I glance at my hand I automatically get a smile on my face, I have received many compliments! Due to their unique design, as I have mentioned earlier they are very eye-catching and sometimes can even be a conversation starter!

To get your own WE POSITIVE bracelet you can go online at: www.wepositive.com . There, on the website, you can view the collections and which choose the one that would fit your style best. You can also find them on Instagram: @wepositive and Facebook: www.facebook.com/wepositiveusa 



*The beautiful photos were taken by Paul Anthony Belletiere of MAVPP (Mid Atlantic Video and Photography Production).

To contact him:


Instagram: @MAVPP26

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MidAtlanticVideoPhotographyProductions




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