Delights by Tiff

During our spare time, we each have our own hobbies that we like to do. Some more productive than others and in some circumstances involving a lot of talent.


Tiffany, the creator of this delicious treat, shares with us her passion for baking. I tried her delicious rum cake (the one in the picture above), and it was divine ~ wish I also had the talent and patience to create these little treats that can put a smile on one’s face (the secret, is the little things in life that matter)…

How did the passion for baking and Rum Cake Recipe come about?

I first started my baking passion when I was just a little girl, my dad always cooked and so I picked up after him. My Nana would always help me bake when I was younger and ever since then I just found it to be so calming and relaxing to make something with so much love and patience. For me, to actually take some time to bake and cook means that I’m doing it to destress. When there is always so much running around and days where you don’t even have time for yourself. I think that something like cooking takes your mind away from the commotions and chaos of the world, the same with other passions.

Why the Rum Cake recipe?

I have made numerous kinds of baked goods from cookies, to cake pops, to toffee bars, but my signature favorite is my rum cake! It has taken me over a year to perfect this beauty. I found a random rum cake recipe one day and decided to try it. Every special occasion I would make the same cake but always changing things up until I finally got it right, it’s not easy getting something perfect but I did it and what a relief!!

What is the recipe for this beauty? (I would love to attempt to make it… 🙂 ) 

You take your basic vanilla or yellow cake and you add a Jello instant pudding mix, instead of adding the two cups of water to make the pudding, I like to add one cup of Milk and the other cup of rum. When ti comes to making the actual cake mix I prefer to use milk and olive oil I feel it adds a sort of moist fluffiness to the cake. Normally rum cake is too wet and too moist but with my recipe the cake doesn’t come out wet, the pudding mix gave it this light airy feeling and this soft moistness. Topped with a light buttercream frosting, it’s like something you have never experienced before in your life!

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As I mentioned before, it is the little things in life that brighten and make it more sweet. These little treats are perfect for a delightful afternoon with friends or special occasions.

For the full Rum Cake Recipe, baking expertise, or cake ideas you can contact Tiffany at:


Enjoy ~

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