The magic of the holidays


As we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season, a multitude of feelings stir up inside. Memories from past years of our time spent with family and loved ones,  those gatherings with friends we have not seen in a long time, as well as all of the gifts or food.

To me, the holiday season is so magical: the lights, the smiles on people faces, the presents, but most importantly, the peace and joy. The holiday season is about giving and coming together. There is not a feeling more rewarding than, when giving to see one’s eyes fill with light and happiness.



Unfortunately, lately the media has been having a negative impact on the holiday spirit. It has tried to change its purpose by making it seem that it’s all about the shopping, the grandiose holiday dinners and parties, as well as the gifts.  However, at the end of the year when you “draw the line”, you want to look back and remember with pride what you positively did to help other or to better yourself as a person. Time can be our biggest enemy, if you will, and so with that in 2, 5, or maybe 10 years, those memories of the gifts, the parties, and material luxuries will fade…but what will remain is something essential that has propelled you forward.

Another reason why I say that the holiday season is so magical, is the fact that during this time, many people come together and put behind their misunderstandings, fights, by forgiving one another. It is so powerful to see that.  A positive movement with peace will bring greatness and prosperity, while holding on to the anger is futile.

Let’s feel the magic of the holiday season by positively inspiriting one another and giving. ❤



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