How to style for the holidays…and an even bigger question: New Years?

Our favorite expert hair and makeup artist, Sarah shared with us some ideas of how to style ourselves for the holiday festivities:

Hello beauties,

Many of you I’m sure have a handle when it comes to styling your hair, but how about bring it up a notch by adding a few interesting twists and turns especially to welcome 2015. Time sure flies but make sure you make your statement while ringing in the New Year to mark time. Below I have made a few easy looks with descriptions, if you have a friend to help out, the more the merrier, most you can do alone and save an expensive trip to the salon!


  • Twist and broach. Find a piece, it could be earrings, broach, or even a necklace to achieve this look, if you don’t have big statement pieces go to Target or even a craft store to find something fun. Prep your hair with a mouse and rough blow-dry. Then, lightly curl your hair from midshaft to ends all over then gently pass a flat iron through the midshafts to ends, rough up your crown and apply a texturizing spray or light hair spray, gently comb down. Grab one section and as your twisting, twist in some hair from the top section (this is to secure it and create more bulk in the twist) and pin. Same with the opposite side this time add a tad more in the front so it’s easier to pin down the broach. In your own creative way secure the broach with bobby pins. Finish with hair spray.


  • Fishtail and buns. Lightly curl entire head and brush curls towards the head. Part your hair to one side and French fishtail your hair, as you reach your ear lobe just braid regular fish tail (not connected to the head at this point). So now you have a side half connected and half disconnected braid. Make two low ponytails in the back of the head and twist them into messy buns. Then take your braid and wrap it to the opposite side and secure with bobby pins and hairspray.


  • Gatsby never goes out of style. Part hair in the middle and hairspray and comb for a finished look. Put your head band around your head so the band is on the top of your head and hair. Take the remaining bottom of your hair and backcomb to create fullness. Take that and wrap over top of the band and brush as you go to smooth. Secure with bobby pins and spray down.


  • Retro twist. About the same as #1 but this time curl with a 1 ½” barrel curling iron and hair spray. Off set the part and twist back only half way towards the top of your head, secure with bobby pins.


  • The Blake. Curl mid-shaft to ends and rough up hair with texturizing spray. Take two sections of hair from top and fishtail tightly all the way to the ends, loosen and back comb the ends, set aside. Twist remaining hair into a low side pony with the two braids you just created. Twist them so the braids stick out. Tie the two braids together (with clear elastic) to secure them on the ends.


  • Non-Traditional French Braid. Blow dry with volume and back comb top of head. Loosely French braid one section in the back and the other section that is left out braid regularly. Loosen both braids and secure together with pins and tie both braids together on the ends.


  • Boho Chic. Curl entire head with 1” rod (dirty hair). Apply texture spray all over. Take top section and French braid all the way down, leaving out two front sections. Leave braid loose after reaching the earlobe, set aside. Take back section and loosely back comb and put one or 2 knots in the hair, fold under and secure. Then, wrap braid around to the back and secure. Take remaining hair and tuck it under to create volume in the back and secure with booby pins. Spray down!

There you have it, pretty simple. You may use any texurizing spray or light hair spray, but I suggest the hair spray not be too much of a strong hold because it wont be as pliable if you need to move something around. Try these two products I love to work with: Oribe texurizing spray and Moroccan Oil hair spray! Two gems I always use.

To contact Sarah, you can find her on instagram: @beautybysarahe or on her website:

For bookings if you are located in the Miami area, you can find her at Rik-Rak Salon Four Seasons Miami (305)381-3981 or by email:









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