Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe : LadyCode Review

For her birthday, my BFF Emilyn made reservations for us to have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at Tiffany & Co’s new Blue Box Cafe. I was so excited because I have been wanting to visit ever since it opened earlier this year. Emilyn made the reservations online for the two of us in advance because the Blue Box Cafe is by reservation only.

We arrived a little early because I wanted to shop around for some jewelry before going up, plus we wanted time to take pictures of course! I shopped around and got a sterling silver ring and necklace from the Atlas Collection

They had a coat check for us which was great, because we were bundled up for the cold NYC winter weather. It all pretty much went downhill from there.

There was only one server for the entire cafe and he was running around like crazy, so he definitely was not very attentive. The menu items were super overpriced. Emilyn and I planned on sharing the high tea, but when the server can he said that it is required for everyone to order a pre-fixe menu item, which started at $29.

 We both wanted the tea so we paid about $49+ tax and gratuity (a total of about $67) each for some tea and tiny sandwiches.

I’m not a stingy person but I have to day that it was totally not worth the price at all. The bread on the sandwiches were dry and stale, and the chocolates were cute but unrealistic to eat. The tea was awful. I’m obsessed with tea and I ordered a green tea, but it poured out a very translucent yellow… seriously even my $4/box Tazo green tea steeps green and actually tastes like something.

Overall, the idea of the Blue Box cafe is adorable and I’m thankful that Emilyn was able to get us reservations so that we could experience it together, but it it was not worth the hassle and the price tag!

It was a cute place to take pictures though!

Lashes: “Cashmere” from The LadyCode Shop
Lips: Burberry Lip Velvet
Hair: Goldiluxe Hair Extensions // Rita Hazan Root Concealer to perfect hairline
Highlight: Fenty Beauty
Skin: Dior Airflash
Earrings: Jim Ball from Lola B Boutique

Dress: Shop TOBI
Belt: ZARA
Bag: Saint Laurent
Boots: Cici Hot

26 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe : LadyCode Review

  1. Thank you for your review!! Definitely it was not what you expected! … The bright side: beautiful pictures, you looked absolutely gorgeous and Happy Birthday to your friend!


  2. pretty pretty jewerly!! sorry about the service and quality of the cafe!! your friend definately deserved better for her bday!!


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