Kylie x Jordyn Eyeshadow Palette Review & First Impressions: IT CAME BROKEN!

Hey Dolls!

I picked up my Kylie x Jordyn Palette today! Here is my Kylie x Jordan Palette Review:

It DID arrive broken but I had to get over it real quick to get on with the first impressions and tutorial! I hope you all enjoyed the video! It has been a challenge to film without a viewfinder but I’m glad the video didn’t turn out *too* bad.

Overall, I loved the palette. The colors are gorgeous and I was very impressed with the formula. My only feedback as always is that I wish it had a black shadow in it as well as a lighter shimmer.

Will you be getting this palette?



19 thoughts on “Kylie x Jordyn Eyeshadow Palette Review & First Impressions: IT CAME BROKEN!

  1. I was so sad to see it came broken 😦 I even had to show my husband because when I saw it I said “Oh noooo” real loud, lol, and he said “you made it sound like a tragedy”….whaaaaa?? It IS a Makeup Tragedy!!! ( I can’t believe someone thought you were overreacting , good grief id like to see what they’d say about my reaction if it were to happen to me!). Lol I really do love the pkging and the shades though so I hope the customer service is good and that they make this right. Then another tutorial maybe 😁? 😉 you still a really great job reviewing it! XOXO LYSM ❤️😘


  2. Oh no! I am so sad for you.☹But the palette does look very beautiful.😍And I agree that there should be one black and one lighter simmer.


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