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I recently starting drinking Coffee Not Coffee, an Australian organic coffee product combined with all natural superfoods, herbal and botanic ingredients to improve overall wellbeing.

The ingredients of Coffee Not Coffee products have been carefully chosen to aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol, increase metabolism, clear complexions, detoxify, boost antioxidant intake, and support anti-aging. Since I have a coffee addiction, this product seemed too good to be true– I had to try Coffee Not Coffee!

I decided to get the African Mango Coffee and the Slimming Hot Cocoa (I will be reviewing the Slimming Hot Cocoa soon!).

coffee not coffee arican mango coffee review


The Coffee Not Coffee product page for the African Mango Coffee states:

Created from high quality organic Arabica coffee beans teamed with superfood African Mango as well as organic and botanical extracts, the carefully selected ingredients in African Mango Coffee have nutritional benefits to assist in a healthy lifestyle, with thermogenic fat burning qualities, this product can suppress the appetite, while increasing metabolism and energy levels. 
African Mango is the newest ‘superfood’ to hit the health market.

Our African Mango Coffee can;

– Boost metabolism

– Assist in thermogenic fat burning

– Suppress the appetite

– Act as a fatigue fighter

– Lower cholestorol

– Work as an overall health booster

There is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.



coffee not coffee african mango review

I’ve been drinking the African Mango Coffee for 3 days and here is my review:

Taste: The coffee is instant coffee, and since you mix it with boiling water, you can control the boldness of the flavor. The package recommends to add 8 ounces of boiling water to the mix. You can also mix a packet with ice and milk for an iced coffee alternative.

I like my coffee VERY bold so I add only about 5 ounces of water and a little bit of milk. It tastes like coffee, with no hint of mango! I like the taste and I’m always sad when I finish my coffee.

Effect: There is not enough caffeine in this coffee for me. I have a high tolerance for caffeine, so if you are a moderate coffee drinker, this is perfect for you. I have a cup of African Mango Coffee before breakfast in the morning and then I will have  another cup of regular coffee around lunch time to pick me up.

Did the African Mango Coffee…

– Boost metabolism? Yes

– Assist in thermogenic fat burning? I’m not sure yet 🙂

– Suppress the appetite? Yes

– Act as a fatigue fighter? Yes

– Lower cholestorol? Not sure yet 🙂

– Work as an overall health booster? Most likely 


coffee not coffee review african mango review


Would I recommend Coffee Not Coffee’s African Mango Coffee to a friend? Yes

Coffee not coffee african mango coffee

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