Shopping in Europe

Whether we want it or not fall is already here. Can you believe it is almost September? This summer flew by at the blink of an eye. My vacation was cut short (being only two weeks) and now that I look back I almost don’t even feel like it was summer. I am already anxiously waiting for next summer vacation to come around. However until then, I am reminiscing on the memories created this summer.


While visiting Romania this summer, I met up with fellow blogger and Lady Code partner Andreea Maria. Although my time in Romania was short we decided to get together one day and do what girls do best: shop. As I was new in town, she took me to the stores and introduced me to the style of clothing popular over there.  Europe is definitely the best place for shopping. The clothing style there is very unique and attention is paid to the most minor detail. At the store, my eyes were glancing everywhere and I was unable to decide what to even try on. I liked everything! Luckily Andreea helped me pick out some designs that were in style there. The rest of the day was filled with laughter and conversations about the future: planning for her to visit me, then for me to go back again. By the end of the day her brother Alex met us as well. I was very happy to get to spend the day with them.

One of the outfits we fell in love with that day was a loose flower top with leather shorts! We accessorized that with colorful purses and we were ready to go! ❤







Our clothes are from: Magazinul Chic

Photographer: Vlad Poptamas (

Comming soon there will be more posts featuring the other outfits we picked out that day as well. ❤



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