Red, White, and all things Sparkly

So, it’s holiday time…..Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years are right around the corner (literally) and we all have to make the hardest decisions we will have to make to finish out this year…what should we wear. I mean, you can’t finish out one year and start another without picking an outfit that screams style, sophistication, and party all in one. But how does one do that without spending an arm and a leg?! That’s easy!! It’s all about the accessories!

The holidays are known for everything red, white, and full of sparkle and glitter. And right now, color-blocking is in style. Of course, the easiest thing to do is go to a store and buy something new, however, if you are anything like me, it’s a lot more fun to mix and match pieces, add some accessories, and save a few dollars if you can.

Here are my suggestions:  The easiest is to start with the little black dress. Perfect for any occasion. Now add a pop of color through shoes, chunky necklaces, and even a matching clutch. I will be doing this. In fact, my outfit will consist of a little black dress, red heels, and a sparkly red necklace to tie it all together. It’s as easy as that!

And for those of you who may not have that little black dress ready to go, no worries! Color-blocking is all the rage right now and it is so easy to mix and match pieces of two, even three colors together. For those of you who haven’t done this before, I understand it can be a little scary. But get out of your comfort zone, and give it a try. You will be amazed at how amazing pink and yellow looks together!

So, no need to spend a ton of money to get that perfect holiday outfit. Mix and match and add some accessories!

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