How to get perfect eyebrows

It has happened to many of us that when we return from seeing our esthetician, we are not content with how our eyebrows turned out.  Here are few simple tips on how to have perfect brows, without having to leave the comfort of your home, or endure the stress of an unhappy outcome.

Just like fashion, eyebrows are always changing. There has been a time when the “natural-brow” was in style. The thicker and more natural shape the brow had, the better. After that, followed a time when very thin penciled-in eyebrows were in. Now we are back to the thick, natural brow, and it looks like its here to stay!

Regardless of what is in style, one should mainly take into consideration what goes well with their natural features. Afterwards, they can play up the shape and be in tune with what is trending. Eyebrows should be personalized, because each of us has unique features. What might look good on one person, could be terrible on another. Your eyebrows should emphasize and bring out your best features.

Here are few tips that will give you perfect brows:

Start by drawing the desired shape: In front of a mirror, take an eyebrow pencil and start outlining your brow. Align the pencil with the exterior of your nose and hold it vertically. This should tell you where your eyebrows should start. Any hair that is in excess past that point should be removed. Continue holding the pencil aligned with the exterior of your nose, however move it diagonally so that you can find your arch. Next, align the pencil with the exterior corner of your eye, without moving it from your nose. This should tell you where your eyebrow ends.

brow outlining

The shape of the brow: After you have outlined where the eyebrows should start, the arch, and where the eyebrow ends, start by tweezing your brows. Try to stay as close as possible to your natural shape, otherwise the results won’t be too pleasant. When finished tweezing, if desired you can trim your brows with eyebrow scissors. Always be careful not to cut too much hair as this can leave gaps in your brows.

Eyebrows are not identical: Our faces are not symmetrical, therefore our eyebrows are naturally different. Do not try by excessively tweezing to make them look identical as this will only damage your shape and get you further away from the results desired.

Eyebrows should enhance your features: If you don’t have a high-arch naturally, don’t try to make them too arched by tweezing or using a pencil to draw them in. This will make them look very unnatural. Stay as close as possible to your natural shape.


Never pluck too much hair at once: This can really mess up your shape. Try to use a magnifying mirror when plucking you eyebrows, also avoid plucking them at night, in dim light. Try plucking them during the day, when you have natural light, so you can see all the unwanted hairs.

Choose the right tweezers: When it comes to your tweezers, choose the ones you feel most comfortable with. Tweezers come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one you like best.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 7.53.36 PM

Maintain your tweezers clean: Disinfect tweezers prior and after use!

Draw in your eyebrows: After you have plucked out all the unwanted hair and your eyebrows have a clean shape it is time to draw them in. Some people draw their eyebrows in to make them darker, to fill in gaps, or to change their shape. If you draw your eyebrows in to change your shape, make sure to be subtle as a drastic change will look unnatural as I mentioned above.

You can choose to use an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel,or powder. After experimenting with many products and brands, I recommend the Anastasia Brow Pencil. It is easy to manage, lasts all day, and it looks very natural on.

brow pencil

Start by outlining the shape of your brows from interior to exterior towards the corner of the eye. Hold the pencil vertically along your nose, that should be your starting point. If you have missing hair that does not reach that point, you can fill that in with the pencil. Continue outlining your arch and on towards the end of your brow. If your natural brow is not long enough you can extend it with the pencil.

eyebrow outline

Once the eyebrow shape is outlined, you can start filling in the rest with the pencil. Use light strokes that are horizontal and follow the eyebrow shape. Never use vertical movements, as this will make eyebrows look artificial. When you have filled all the gaps, and you have the desired color for your brows, take a small, flat, concealer brush, and outline above and underneath to blend everything in. This will make the shape look perfect.

natural brow



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