Just Live goes beyond fashion…It’s a lifestyle

Newly launched in summer 2013, Just Live is a clothing and accessory line for men and women. Just Live is like no other brand: it represents a lifestyle of making all things extraordinary. Their mission is to encourage everyone to seize the unlimited potential of each day. Just Live’s success will not be measured by how many people wear its clothes, but how many people share the brand’s passion for life.

I had the opportunity to meet with the President and CEO of Just Live, Jared Lerner and interview him about his vision and inspiration for the brand.

Click HERE to watch the full interview

Just Live

Their high-quality lifestyle apparel offers something for every outfit!

I styled their fashion shirt with a very urban concept:

Just Live Lisa Opie

This look is super edgy and can be assembled on any budget!

Sunglasses: H&M

Earrings: Express

Necklace: Shop Ximena


Jacket: Wet Seal 



Leggings: Wet Seal

Combat Boots (not pictured): Target 

Just Live also has an activewear line with apparel PERFECT for my favorite activity, YOGA! Of course to do yoga you have to have great energy and that is why their energy bracelets are important!


Energy Bracelet: Just Live


Tank Top: Just Live


Shorts: Wet Seal 

I love everything about Just Live and what they represent. Even better, a portion of all product sales go to the Just Live Foundation, which provides financial and material aid to organizations that are committed to having a positive influence in the world.

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