All eyes on me…

We have noticed that Denisa Nascu ( an unique makeup style that sets her apart! Not only is she a rare beauty but her makeup is always well executed.  She shares some of her beauty opinions, and secrets with us. Lets get inspired…


To me, personality and attitude are what matter most, however the exterior cannot be neglected, this is the first impression of ourselves that we give off, it’s like our unique fingerprint. Personal style tells a story!  This applies to women as well as to men, but today I would like to talk about us, girls :). We like to look beautiful for ourselves and for the ones around us as well. Makeup helps us accentuate some features or hide imperfections. Not only that, to me makeup is a real art, that dates back to the earliest times.”

Denisa mentions that there are many products to pick and choose from (from what fits our own complexion, to what we like), some have delicate pretentious skin, which requires more attending to than others. “A natural, healthy tan reflects beauty and makes us feel more radiant, youthful, and confident. This depends on our genes, the diet we have and our lifestyles.” 

“Before applying makeup, make sure to thoroughly clean your skin. I personally prefer not using makeup remover, as I have noticed through trial and error that it does not satisfy me in entirety. It hasn’t convinced me that it cleans the skin deep enough, therefore I prefer the classic: soap and water :). I was blessed with normal skin, which is not hard to attend to. It is essential to find out what type of skin you have (normal, oily, combination, etc.) and afterwards to pick your products accordingly. Lets not forget about makeup removal, this is very important and should not be left undone. After taking your makeup off, use a toner and a hydrating facial cream.” 

Denisa goes on to explain to us her makeup routine:

“I start off with a makeup base that prepares my skin for the makeup application, eliminates shine, and hides imperfections and illuminates the skin (this is generally bb cream). After this I go on to apply an illuminating concealer under my eyes that is specific towards eliminating dark circles, then the foundation, and blush.

The foundation has become an indispensable product for the majority of us, women, of course the criteria to choosing one is important as you should take into consideration the shade, and texture. It is essential that you avoid the “mask” effect which is caused by picking the wrong foundation, or by applying too much product which ultimately ends up looking like you applied acrylic paint….Not a good look!

When it comes to makeup for your eyes, applying makeup on your eyelids differs in terms of your eye shape, color, the nature of the event you are attending. For daytime I strongly recommend neutral colors to softly accentuate your features. On the opposite extreme, evening makeup lets our ingenuity come out, and play :). With darker and more vibrant colors, there is a lot we can do. 


Lets not forget our eyebrows!!! The shape of your eyebrows plays an essential role in the style you want to achieve. Eyebrows contribute mostly in the expression of your look along with a good mascara. Out of all the products I have tried for my eyebrows, the brow kit from Oriflame is the one I would recommend most. It includes a darker powder and a lighter powder, and the wax that helps fix and set your eyebrows in place. Of course, there are other options out there such as eyebrow pencils, or powder, which can be found at many different stores. This fall, thick brows are in style along with thick bold eyeliner, and the smokey eye! This look will definitely make you stand out and reflect your bold, edgy style. 

A good blush should also be found in your makeup bag. This helps you contour your face for a more sophisticated look! Same thing as with your foundation, make sure that the shade is appropriate for your skin complexion. 

For lips, the popular colors of the season are the darker, bold, shades such as the classic red, the passionate burgundy, or shades of purple and brown for the ladies with a more daring personality. These colors, take me back in time and remind me of the retro days….don’t they?! 


I follow all of the steps listed above when it comes to my makeup routine. Personally most of the time I prefer natural makeup which consists of: BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfecter, mascara Super Shock by Avon (this mascara is amazing and also at a great price), blush with an illuminating effect from Dior, and last but not least, a lip balm by Yves Rocher that is coconut flavored yummmm 🙂 


When it comes to distinguishing the makeup style in Europe and what sets it apart from other places, there aren’t major differences. This has to do with our individual style, with how we perceive ourselves, what we like, and what we want to express. It also depends on how we take care of ourselves and our beauty routine. 

One very important thing about doing makeup is to choose something that you want to accentuate and emphasize: your eyes, lips, cheeks. If using bold and dark shades on both lips and eyes for example, can be distracting and look tacky. A little goes a long way! 



We are glad that Denisa has shared her secret routine with us!

Now I know exactly what to get for my eyebrows since I am running out of my eyebrow pencil 🙂

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