Vizcaya Swimwear & Bridal Shoot

Friday finally arrived….it felt like this week was dragged out and the weekend would never come! Did I finally take a break? Of course not! 

My friday morning was busy as I rushed from my apartment to class to turn in my assignments! Sitting in class was very hard for me, as I was so excited and anxious about the weekend coming ahead 🙂

I hurried back to my apartment to pack up my things for my photo shoots that I had coming up this weekend! One of them was bridal, which the dresses were provided for and the other one was for Vizcaya Swimwear. I had a hard time picking which bikinis to take with me, you could say that I am…Obsessed!! I have a lot of Vizcaya Bikinis and I like all of them, so it is not easy to choose! They are perfectly fit to my style, delicate and elegant, they fit my personality on point. Finally I made up my mind and I took all of them. I finished packing and I was on my way.

photo 2-3


photo 1-4

I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Torrence Saunders. His photography skills are exquisite, and I am a big fan of his work! He is great to work with, as he puts his heart in all of his work, and goes above and beyond to achieve excellence. He guides me when I get off track, always having great inspiration and ideas for my poses.


The talented makeup artists on set were Cypress Gorres and Theresa Little; both of them are amazing. Cypress was the one that did my makeup. She is an expert in the makeup field and has tremendous experience, having worked for years in Germany. Not only did she do my makeup but she also styled my hair! I felt reborn and beautified when she finished styling me. I like her technique when it comes to makeup: my look was fresh, delicate, and soft.

Getting everything ready 

photo 2-4


Makeup, Makeup Everywhere!!!! 

photo 5-1                           photo 1-6



photo 4-5                      photo 3-4


Getting my hair styled! 

photo 5


photo 4-4


photo 3-5


Here is the final makeup look:




Finally time to shoot! While I don’t have yet the edited photos, here are some behind the scenes:

photo 2-5


photo 5-2

photo 4-6


The next day we had scheduled a sunrise and sunset shoot in Vizcaya Swimwear.  I always enjoy modeling the Vizcaya Bikinis because the style as I mentioned earlier is perfect for me. I love the detail, and the colors of the bikinis. I modeled the ‘Athena’  bikini, which is one of my favorites; it is delicate and sophisticated. I also shot in the ‘Montecarlo’ (Ultra Blue) bikini, the ‘Miraflores’, and the ‘Stefania ‘ bikini!  I cannot wait for Vizcaya’s next collection! I feel like I can never have enough bikinis. Their elegant style is perfect for all of my travel destinations.

Here is a little sneak peek 🙂

photo 3-7


photo 2-6


photo 4-7


photo 5-3


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