Are age defying cosmetics just a myth?

Everyone wants to look young and maintain their youthful appearance.  Recently girls, even at young ages have started using age defying products to prevent wrinkles and maintain the young appearance of their skin.  Some companies target their anti-aging products at girls as young as 8 years old.

Age defying products are very popular and considered essential among women, but do they really work?

For as long as we have known women have gone to extreme lengths for their beauty. The beauty industry comes up with many new products that “promise” to care for your skin and eliminate wrinkles.  Brands exaggerate their marketing campaigns to attract customers, however studies show that their claims are not always accurate.  Some anti-aging products contain toxins that are dangerous and harmful to our health. The United States Senate formed a Special Committee on Aging, due to this issue gaining such high popularity and concern. Their conclusion based on their research on anti-aging products was that anti-aging products are harmful for the individual and can cause physical harm and environmental maltreat.

Experts who have worked in the field for decades to battle aging came to the conclusion that it may be inevitable.  There are many theories to what causes aging, as it includes both genetic and environmental factors.

Women continue to be highly dependent on these anti-aging products due to exaggerated advertisement and being influenced. What “seems” to work on someone, does not mean it works on others.   Many have spent irrational amounts on such products in  hopes to diminish a wrinkle.  In most cases, these anti-aging products sell in small containers, for high prices.  La Prairie skin cream sells a 50mL jar for $3000, Creme de la Mer sells a 16.5 oz jar for $1,900, ReVive Intensite sells 1 oz for $600.  In some cases, once using these products you can’t stop because if discontinued the appearance of wrinkles is more prominent.

To all women beauty is important, and the majority of consumers when presented with a product beautifully wrapped and with grandiose promises to preserve their youth, don’t take price or other things into consideration.

However, there are other ways to protect your youthful appearance. An antioxidant diet will not only be beneficial for your beauty but also for your health.  Antioxidant foods are easily accessible in many supermarkets. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly will help as well towards maintaining your young, beautiful appearance.


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