Celebrities turning torments into accomplishments

We all know that in most cases of bullying the victim feels powerless and intimidated. When the victim is unable to withstand the abuse, a series of negative outcomes follow including depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and in some cases suicide. The side effects of bullying are not pleasant as they can ruin someone’s life. What starts as a superficial joke, or comment on the bully’s behalf is usually taken seriously by the victim especially at a young age. Teenagers are the ones who are easiest influenced by the harmful words.  This is how everything slopes downward in the victims life…BUT WHY GET AFFECTED BY THE MEANINGLESS WORDS?

As much as we would like a bully free world, it is hard to control and stop the bullies! However, you do control yourself. Take charge of your life and let those bullies be motivation for you! Those damaging words should only inspire you to prove them wrong.  Instead of letting their words bring you down, ignore them! Invest in yourself and become an accomplished person! At the end of the day you will be better off than them.

I know, it is very hard  listen to bullies, but here are some examples of some well known women that turned their torments into accomplishments:

Miley Cyrus 

Miley was bullied when she was younger due to her small size. People used to call her “scrawny”


Tyra Banks 

People used to call her mean names such as: “Lightbulb Head” and “Fivehead”


Demi Lovato 

People used to write hate petitions about her. They used to go to her house, stand across the street and yell mean things. It was a very tough time for her.


Victoria Beckham 

She did not fit in although tried to make friends. People were just mean, and used to pick things up out of puddles and throw them at her.

Victoria Beckham

There are many other successful women out there who defeated their bullies! Don’t let them get to you, the choice is yours!

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