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My second vlog following my Vienna, Austria vlog is my Brussels, Belgium trip! Our trip to Europe was all about La Casa Hermosa and Miss Universe Slovakia (my Slovakia vlog is next!), but since we wanted to explore we took advantage of our TWENTY hour layover-Slay-over in Brussels. This was my first time flying Brussels airlines and it was ok, the planes were pretty dated so I got nervous when there was turbulence but the food and service was great! Watch my full Brussels Travel Vlog below:

We stayed in Brussels for the night and since the trip was so rushed, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing but we did go to the Atomium, which is like Belgium’s Eiffel Tower and got some pictures! After the Atomium we were starving so we went to the city center for dinner. We both had traditional Belgian food at a cute restaurant called Orts. We were wide awake from jet lag, so after dinner we had some drinks (I rarely drink but Brussels was a good reason to drink :)) at the bar in a restaurant called Spago. After that, we got hot chocolate at McDonalds and walk around. There was so much to see and so many cute restaurants! By the way, McDonalds in Europe is amazing! The food is actually really good and the one in Belgium had Macarons on the menu. I thought that was so awesome!

Here is my Vienna Vlog in case you missed it!

Up next is my Slovakia Vlog! I can’t wait to share it with you because Bratislava was super magical.




37 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium Travel Blog

  1. The food 🍲 from the Belgian restaurant looks great!!! Enjoy!!! Europe is so peaceful!!! America is chaotic haha Hope you have the best trip!!!


  2. I’ll be going to Brussels second time in a couple of weeks, can’t wait, i miss it so much! It truly is amazing, isn’t it ❤


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