3 Netflix Shows You Should be Watching

Hello fellow LadyCoders, Do you ever get the urge to lay in bed all day, and catch up on your shows? Or feel like you don't want to leave the house because it’s raining and that requires wearing a bra? Well… trust me, we’ve all been there. I recently decided to binge watch 3 different [...]

Fashion Choices Men Will Never Understand

Hello fellow LadyCoders! This past week, I was going to two separate events and of course I couldn’t find anything to wear. I went through an array of outfits that I thought would work for the occasion, but my boyfriend couldn’t understand why I was wearing, what I was wearing. I went through a series [...]

All About a Good Read

Hello Fellow LadyCoders, As the summer approaches, you're probably working out and getting ready for bikini season. While it's just in time for all the fun beach parties and social events, I would like to share a fun summer read that will make laying by the beach so much more enjoyable! “Nice is Just a [...]