3 Netflix Shows You Should be Watching

Hello fellow LadyCoders,

Do you ever get the urge to lay in bed all day, and catch up on your shows? Or feel like you don’t want to leave the house because it’s raining and that requires wearing a bra? Well… trust me, we’ve all been there.

I recently decided to binge watch 3 different Netflix shows and I have to say, after reading this post, you’ll hate me. I am going to get you hooked on Netflix (if you aren’t already)

I have been watching one of these shows for about a year, and while the show recently ended, i’m sure it wREV_NoTuneIn.inddill be no problem for you to catch up. Let us begin, this Netflix journey.

  1. Revenge

The story of Emily Thorne, (my show) a revengeful cynic who will stop at nothing to avenge her fathers death, and destroy anyone in her path. This show is insane, in the best way! It’s got love, murder, humor, and style. The show is addictive and you’re gonna hate me because it will ruin your life (Basically, you’ll never leave the house again).

2. House of Cards

This Netflix Original show, follows Frank and Clnetflix-house-of-cardsaire as they ache to gain the ultimate power from the Oval office. While they scheme their way through the nuances of Congress, they ultimately get exactly what they deserve. This show makes you think about how Congress really works, and if they’re actually portraying Congress as it truly is (just let that sink in).

3. Chef’s Table 

This show is also a Netflix Original show and if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll get hooked! The show follows professional international chefs throufwx-netflix-chefs-tablegh their lives in a short docu-series. We’re able to go into the life of the chef and understand his/her perspective on food, and how they became who they are. It’s really interesting to look at how food is such an amazing avenue to bring people together from different cultures and through different cuisine.

As a whole, I have become addicted to each of these shows and find that it helps me unwind after a long day. I like to have my ‘me’ time and relax with something that doesn’t require much thinking (I’m sure we’ve all been there).

So, tell me what you think!  Are there any other Netflix shows you’re binge watching? If so, let me know!



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