Curves Ahead – LadyCode adds Plus Size Body Image Advocate as contributor!

LadyCode is the place to turn for all things style and woman.

When Lisa and I first connected I mentioned to her that I felt there was a lack of body diversity representing fashion-for-all on the blog.  Without hesitation Lisa offered me a spot as a contributor, to diversify the bodies and bring some curve appeal to LadyCode.

My name is Lindsay Rae and I like to refer to myself as a Body Image Empowerment Activist. I am the owner and Creative Director of Self Love Experience based out of New York. SLE helps women to overcome negative body image and body insecurity through Empowering Photography Sessions.

Part of being an activist means doing my part to normalize diverse figures, not just through my photography, but through highlighting fashion as well. It is my job to normalize tummy outlines,  armpit fat and rolls, flat or droopy chests, all of the things that we look at in the mirror and don’t really love about ourselves.

It is my job to bring fashion diversity and representation to our readers so that you can have epic style at any dress size.

Sadly most luxury designer brands have not caught up to the plus size and curve movement, they are sticking strongly to the waif 90s super model bodies that we have grown to expect on the runway.  This can make shopping extremely disheartening when you just want to be able to wear what you see in magazines.  

For this look I opted for an oversized shirt dress from Eloquii and a thin 1″ Dior Belt and pre-owned Chanel flats that I scored for an epic price on

Belts, shoes, earrings, purses, brooches and necklaces have been one way I can bring designer elements to my curvy wardobe. 

Pro tip 1:  Belt everything, seriously, it brings the eye right to the smallest center of the body and finishes the look.

Since the dress has a collar and I was wearing this outfit to work, I opted to go for vintage cameo brooches over necklaces (necklaces can get stuck in my camera strap – plus brooches just have a way of making me feel more sophisticated.)

Pro tip 2:  Your hips are not your waist – neither is your bust line.  Everyone has a waist and if you feel you don’t, belting your looks will give the illusion of a snatched waist right where you want it.  I recommend you wear your belts at least 2 inches above the bellybutton.  This is the same height I recommend for high waisted pants to hit and lingerie!!

Peep these beautiful Self Love Experience clients showing us the perfect height for a high waist to hit!

If you are anything like me, you don’t have time to wash your hair every day….and honestly you shouldn’t because it dries out your hair.  On those greasier in between days I am a big fan of fancy headbands to give the eye somewhere else to look. 

The one I am wearing with this outfit is from Ella and Elly – it is quickly becoming my favorites. One day I was wearing it to pick up my Starbucks and the barista told me I looked like a princess and from that point forward I deemed it my princess crown and no one can convince me otherwise.  (Can you manifest yourself into a royal?  Who knows but I just may be willing to try)

Because I chose such an elaborate head piece, I opted for more simplicity in my earrings.  These 14k solid gold bar with chain studs are from my good friend Laura McCaffrey of La OM jewelry and a staple of my wardrobe.

My rule of thumb is only 1 over the top accessory near my face at a time between hair, earrings, necklaces, collars and glasses.

I am watching Georgia and Ginny on Netflix and there is one scene where Georgia tells Ginny (mom to daughter)  “It is a face hunny, not a mask”  That line resonated with me because when it comes to accessories and makeup we are not supposed to be masking ourselves but adorning the most individual part of ourselves.

If your accessories take away from your face, they become not the accent to complete a look that you want –  but limelight stealers that can take an outfit from chic to shot quicker than you can say “LadyCode”

I have been noticing a trend among my curvier friends and clients that I want to call attention to. A habit I fall victim to often. I am noticing a habit of over accessorizing due to a fear of being truly seen.

We use bright or blingy accessories not to draw attention to ourselves, but to distract from the part of ourselves we should celebrate most.

Now don’t take this to mean I scoff at bold accessories – I am the queen of over the top maximalist style. 

What it means is to pick 1 “hero piece” for an accessory near your face. Example: If you do big earrings, opt for no necklace or a simple thin gold choker.  If you do a big necklace or headband opt for more demure studded earrings. 

Fashion is all about balance – especially for us curvy babes! The way we dress should bring a semblance of symmetry to our curves. Our clothes are our control to how the eyes read the lines of our body.

I’ll be popping in weekly with more fashion tips and empowering stories representing diverse bodies.

Let us know what you thought of this first entry and be sure to follow @ladycode @lisaopie and @thebodyimageactivist on Instagram!

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