Modern Marilyn

Hey dolls!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the red series on my Instagram. I’ve been sooo into fashion and expressing my glam self on my recent posts!

So, two updates: I got 26″ tape extensions for a while and then took them out. My tape in experience is a whole other story that I’ll share on my YouTube channel soon!

Since I had so much semi-permanent hair on my head for about 3 months, it was difficult to hide all of it under a wig so I took a break from wigs for a while. I just removed them and I’m so excited to be back in my wigs!

There’s something about a wig transformation on me that brings out my confidence. It’s always a good hair day with a wig and I just feel like I can own each look.

This look in red is with a white wig I recently purchased and it made me feel like a Marilyn Monroe from today.

Photos by: Franz Orban

Gown: Alamour the Label

Lashes: the LadyCode Shop

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