Amazon Wig Haul & Try On!

As a wig fan I had to get in on the Amazon wig craze! So many of my friends and acquaintances have been telling about buying wigs on Amazon and how they can be a hit or miss- when they’re a hit allegedly they are really amazing and a good deal. Since the prices are absolutely unbeatable I decided to fill up my cart with some of the top- rated synthetic lace front wigs! Before we get into it I do want to address that I do have my own synthetic wig collection available at the LadyCode Shop! I talk a little more about that in my wig haul video below:

The blue wig, the straight blonde wig, and the long curly white wig smelled like mold. It was sickening (in a bad way lol) and overpowering. To get rid of the smell, I soaked each wig in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for about 5 minutes and let it air dry. It totally worked and got rid of the smell!

The wigs are totally inconsistent, even if I purchased from the same seller. I relied on reviews to purchase these wigs and each wig had at least 4 stars on the site.

My favorite wigs were the short pink wavy one and the short white bob. Once styled, this white wig looks amazingggg! She’s my new favorite.

I am still working on styling the blue and white mermaid-y ones because I just got rid of the smell. Those two are a little bulky on top so they look “wiggy” for sure.

The red bob was a total hack job! I am going to try to salvage it by cutting it myself, wish me luck! If you see it on my Instagram, it means I figured it out haha.

The straight blonde one is great quality. The hair fibers are realistic. I just think that tone is not my color because I filmed a video with it on and I just feel like it wasn’t for me.

Which wig is your favorite? Have you purchased a wig from amazon? Share your experience with our readers in the comments below!

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