Who knew a day would come when biker shorts are fashionable? I’m so thankful this day is here because I feel soooo nice and covered in these shorts, not to mention they’re sporty so I can move around freely in them! If I can wear these and call it fashion, I’m in. Thank you Kim Kardashian 😂

Theres a million ways to rock this new trend but I wanted to reallly take it back to the 90’s and be a little predicable by shooting this look with…bikes! Surprise. I’m finally going through the items I purchased during my most recent trip to Tokyo and found my favorite FILA shirt and cute af sandals to top off the look. Click here to see my Tokyo lookbook from August.



Scrunchie: Slip Silk Pillowcase

Top: Pink Latte Harajuku

Shorts: Fashion Nova

Sandals: Rasvoa Tokyo

Backpack: Anello



I’ve always been an art fanatic and James Rosenquist has always been one of my all time favorite artists. His piece titled, Hey! Let’s Go For a Ride came to mind today as I was editing my photos-the phrase is obviously a perfect fit for my caption, but also the pop art from the era goes with the vibe of my post today. Just for reference, here’s some work by James Rosenquist. If you love Andy Warhol you will love these:

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