Makeup brushes can make or break your entire makeup application. Brushes are important investment pieces for any doll that wants a flawless face every time! After trying hundreds of brushes, I’ve narrowed it down to these brushes as my absolute favorites.

Watch my brush favorites video below to see how I use each brush:


The pointed tip of this flat Peach & Pearl concealer brush makes it perfect to reach and define every angle of your face.


This Morphe M510 brush diffuses a highlighter perfectly on your cheekbones! I love using this with the Mary-Loumanizer from The Balm Cosmetics.


This Lancome Blush & Contour brush is dual ended so you have two brushes in one! Tbh-I only use the blush side!


This BH Cosmetics 119 brush is packed and angled perfectly to sculpt a snatched nose!


The Luxie 660 is perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your face and applies bronzer/contour powder neatly. I use the rounded edge to get a nice and diffused look.


The Sephora Angled Liner creates incredible hair like strokes and definition for brows. I shape the little hairs with an Aesthetica spoolie before going in with the brow products.


This MAC 228 brush fits perfectly on my lids to pack on shimmer eyeshadows.


This BH Cosmetics 6 brush is perfect for lining my eyes. I use black eyeshadow for liner because it creates a more natural, soft smoked out look.


This Morphe M514 Brush makes blending too easy! I use this in my crease to apply deeper eyeshadow tones.


I can’t live without my Crown C441 blending brush! All of my eyeshadow applications start with this brush and my transition color.


This Luxie 205 tapered blending brush only works for lightly covering my lids and brows with setting powder. It is absolute trash to use to apply any sort of pigment so don’t make that mistake!


Shaina B Miami has amazing brushes and tools! My all time favorite is this Kabuki Buffer brush. It literally applied foundation to look super airbrushed and flawless!








  1. Your makeup always looks sooooo flawless and airbrushed!! I’m definitely going to be picking up the brushes you recommended that I don’t have! Thanks for all your lovely lady advice!!!!!! 😀😀❤️💓💕💖💗💙💟💞💝💜💛💚❤️


  2. I just bought Jaclyn Hill’s eye master collection & cant wait to get them! I’m trying to work on my brush collection & I think hers will set me up with the eyes! I have one of the luxie brushes you mentioned but never thought of trying it for contouring so I think I’m going to try that! Thanks for th tip & sharing!


  3. This has nothing to do with brushes but I LOVE the color your hair is in this video & want to do mine this color but have no idea how. I watched tons of videos on it but it only confused me more & from what I could understand it’s very expensive to do.


  4. Awesome tip I love it, will be very helpful. Love your blog page. I am new to it but look forward in looking over it more and for more blog post that you will be sharing.

    ❤ Laura G.


  5. I used to really slack when it came to brushes- I figured if the product I was applying was good, then the brush wouldn’t really make a difference… WRONG. Way wrong. I remember when I bought my first set of legitimate makeup brushes from BH – I needed new foundation and concealer brushes, so I went ahead and purchased a whole set (it was inexpensive, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a whole set). What a difference it made!!!


  6. Unfortunately, many of you suggested brand not sold in Turkey. But as soon as I receive from international shipping sites😊😊because I love all of them. ❤😍


  7. I used to not pay much attention to brushes a few years ago and then I got my first higher end brush and now I’m brush obsessed!! They are expensive though so I will only get 1-3 new ones per year until I build a nice collection! Love your picks!


  8. Wow Thank you so much for posting this! I honestly didn’t know so many you tubers had blogs. I really like it! I have been struggling to look for a perfect brush set/ brushes that I actually really need. Love this very helpful!


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