Have you ever ordered something that is priced too good to be true on Ebay, DH Gate, or a similar website only to recieve the item 5 weeks later, with a funky smell and the item looks NOTHING like the picture? I’ve been there and it has made me skeptical to shop online from advertised stores that have prices that are *TOO* good to be true.

I honestly thought that Zaful would be another one of those situations because their prices are sooooo ridiculously low, it makes you wonder how the business can stay profitable! When Zaful reached out to me to do a video, I decided to accept the collaboration because I had nothing to lose and I really wanted to see if the clothing would arrive as pictured, so I made a Zaful Haul & Try On Video.

Oh. My. God. First of all, most brands are a nightmare to work with but the rep from Zaful was so kind, responsive, and did not demand anything crazy. All they wanted was an honest try on video where I had full creative control, which was amazing. The items took about 1 week to ship to me. It was so fast considering it ships from China.

I tried on all but one piece for you all for the first time in this video and you can see my live reactions to the clothing. I grabbed the floral print blue dress and threw it in my suitcase on my way to the Bahamas because I HAD to wear it on vacation. I wore it and it was a hit! They mostly fit true to size and the quality is amazing. It is simply too good to be true, but its true. My only challenge was that on the first two dresses, they tended to run 1 size too big and an chest area was loose, but it could easily be taken in.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Can you tell I love my new Zaful wardrobe? Let me know which piece was your favorite!




23 thoughts on “ZAFUL HAUL & TRY ON

  1. At first I was like “oh nothings going to top that 1st red dress💃🏻, because it was super pretty, but then I was like dang 👏🏼😍 with the two piece sets, and then the utility pants and my Tess was like “Mom!! those are the kinds I want!!, with combat boots !” 😅 I love that Zaful is actually affordable! I don’t know why, but I thought it was a bathing suit brand??


  2. That red dress is beautiful! I’m always looking for cheap places to buy clothes for my daughter, she’s going to be 17 in December & shes hard to buy for! How long did it take you to get your order coming from China though?


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