How To Prevent and Take Care of Under Eye Bags

Hey loveys! As a makeup artist I have insane call times, I travel to different time zones, and I get jet lagged! All this hard work and stress takes a toll on my body. One part that really needs some extra TLC is my under eye circles. They take a beating because between the jet lag and 4am (sometimes 3am) wake up times wreak havoc on my eyes. I get puffy, dry, and dark underneath. There are a few things that I have tried that have helped me find improvement for this issue.

1: Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated will make a huge difference in your overall appearance. It will brighten your skin, plump your cells and smooth your wrinkles. It will clear away any hollowness under your eyes so water is definitely key!


2: Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates you and will make your skin look dull. Drinking alcohol, especially without rehydrating will automatically make you look more tired.


3: Coffee

They say avoid coffee because it will make your dark circles worse. From my personal experience, having coffee in the morning helps reduce puffiness under my eyes and makes me look awake. Maybe it’s just me!


4: Cool the Area

Ice can work wonders for tired eyes! Cool the area with an ice pack immediately after waking. I also freeze green tea bags and put them under my eyes for 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning.

5: Try a Sleeping Mask

Laneige has an amazing eye sleeping mask that you apply under your eyes before bed. The formula soothes, hydrates, and protects your eyes all night while your sleep. You can wipe it off in the morning or just leave it on to keep enjoying the effects.

6: Try Eye Patches in the Morning

I keep my eye masks in the refrigerator because the cooling effect is very effective. My favorite eye patches are either the green tea eye masks from Sephora, or the Skyn Iceland HydroCool Firming Eye Gels. They also just came out with a serum to use with the patches that will maximize the benefits of the masks. As always I keep all of my eye care creams and masks in the refrigerator to keep them cool for maximum benefit.


7: Conceal

If all else fails, the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is amazing for covering dark circles and even lightly fill wrinkles. This is a high coverage, heavy duty concealer. It is a luxury product but it is worth every dime, and a little bit of the formula goes a long way so the product will last you a good while! Set the concealer with a lightweight powder like the Anna Sui brightening face powder or Cover FX translucent powder for all day coverage.


I hope this article was helpful! Let me know what you think of these tips down below, and please share any eye/skincare tips that work for YOU in the comments so that I can try them out!



20 thoughts on “How To Prevent and Take Care of Under Eye Bags

  1. Thanks for the advice!!!! My life isn’t as on the go as yours. Just a sad college student here 😭🙋🏻‍♀️ Lol!

    I’ll definitely be looking forward to trying the eye sleeping mask! ☺️☺️

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  2. These are all really really great tips, and so appreciated right now! It’s almost like you knew my biggest struggle, LOL! Since I work the graveyard shift, my schedule is typically upside down, and during the week I even go to sleep much later than I should and wake up early with the kids, so my under eyes need major help! I’m going to try freezing the green teabags, and I’ve got some under eye patches from a previous BoxyCharm that I’m sticking in the fridge right now! Thanks for the Tips👌🏼! Much needed!

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  3. Love the green tea bags idea! DEFINITELY going to try that! I do keep my eye creams n masks n the refrigerator and find that helps tremendously w inflammation n the mornings, but I do not drink water and that’s my biggest downfall w everything to do w beauty. I’ve got to get better w that! Lysm


  4. That is precisely my lifestyle, I am a high school student, but on average a week, I only have 1 day full nights rest and the rest of the week , I look like Frankenstein’s bride. Thank you for the tips, I will be sure to try them out. Iam already using the frozen green tea teabags.


  5. I really want to try that Laneige eye mask! It looks amazing & I’ve heard some of the Youtubers I watch talk about that product. I have HORRIBLE under eye circles, they make me look dead! Lord knows, I can use some help lol.


  6. These are great tips! That’s one thing I have had trouble with are the dark circles under my eyes and I need all the help I can get 😊


  7. I have hereditary dark under eyes so I struggle with this! I really need to start drinking more water because I used to drink a lot of water & they weren’t as bad but of course they were still there.


  8. Thanks for the tips. Use concealer but those are things that we dont always pay attention to to help like staying hydrated. Maybe ill try a under eye mask.


  9. I’ve used sleeping masks for my face and lips, but never for my under eyes! I’ve seen Laneige’s lip masks (they’re a bestseller), but I didn’t know they had an under eye mask sleeping mask. I will definitely be trying soon!


  10. Vasundhara Gupta

    These tips seem so helpful, i’m going to try them out this week, hopefully they’ll help my constant dark circles! Thank you Lisa ❤


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