Physical Graffiti

Let’s take my story back to high school when I struggled with bullying. I always dressed differently and back then, I was so passionate about fashion I would make my own clothes and wear them to school. They were edgy, I still think the things I created were amazing, but in a small town high school in Williamsburg, Virginia, I was too much for the normal kids to handle so obviously, I was a victim to a lot of mean criticism. I stopped dressing how I wanted to and dressed so that I would be accepted. I found that I lost myself and tried to become something I wasn’t, only to find that I still couldn’t get the acceptance I wanted so badly back then. Now I wear whatever my heart desires. Nothing has changed, people still bully me every day especially on social media. I just got thicker skin and learned to love myself.

I had a small group of friends in high school that would get together and just play music almost every day. I had the keyboard, they had guitars, and I was picking up on the guitar. It was really my escape and my happy place to take my mind off the hardship I was facing at school. The music we played was a lot of classic rock-the Doors, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses-It definitely did not sound like something people who know me today would think I listen to. They are classic pieces with amazing instrumentals so we loved them. FYI: These bands were all broken up before I was born, so please don’t think I’m that old 🙂

I still have that little part of me that’s dark, sensitive, and sometimes sad. I treasure it because it’s a part of who I really am, and I’m at a point where I accept myself, and I know that’s all that matters. I went through some shit but we all did. I might be a weirdo for still listening to music from the 70’s but that’s what makes me happy- listening to it now, it takes me back to the times in high school when I thought I had no where to turn. I thought I would never make it out of that town. I did, and I grew up, and I have more than what I dreamed of back then.

The music reminds me how far I’ve come. 

This outfit definitely reflects my dark side- it’s almost like an alter ego! My last 2 outfits were so girly and sweet, so here’s something a little bitter and deep:



COAT: Naked Wardrobe

PANTS: Fashion Nova



BAG: Givenchy

HAIR: The LadyCode Shop

CAP: Boohoo

18 thoughts on “Physical Graffiti

  1. I love that you write about your past. I was the ONLY Asian girl in this crappy, all Caucasian, in the middle of no where town and was bullied from 1st grade until 8th grade! It definitely taught me real shit in life! #MorePowerToYou 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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  2. Wow Lisa! Thank you for sharing this and the personal stories of your life. You’re an inspiration to so many girls out there to never let others stop you from doing what you dream! You’ve accomplished so much and I’m so proud to be a part of your journey! Love you xxx

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  3. Girl i love you even more 😊 im 33 years old and when I was younger i lesten metallica,lenny kravitz linkin park,pink floyd,red hot chili peppers and i still do. My whole closet is still 98% black just love it. Thanks for sharing your story rally like it. ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. THIS is why I love you so much!!! Tysm for sharing such a personal story w us. I knew some of this about U, but not the music portion of it. I looove these bands and this era of music as well! I was also bullied, but for reasons other than my skin tone or ethnic background, nonetheless it was really tough and took me a long time to work through it all bc it came back to haunt me in my late 20s and I didn’t realize at the time the impact it had on my life until I started therapy and got to the bottom of some core issues. I admire you for sharing this portion of your life n story w us bc it can be hard, but these are the ways U inspire and empower us and other women everyday! U r AMAZING 🤩🤩 Just look at U now and everything U have accomplished and yet to conquer! U r such an inspiration. Lysm

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    1. Who would bully you! I’m so sorry.. So many of us ladies go through it and even though its common, its not okay. I think finding help and a way to work through what we can on our end, like what you did with therapy is the best thing we can do to move forward. Our past shapes us into who we are and we are stronger than ever because of it. I love you so much and I appreciate your support! You’re so amazing and full of love & kindness! Thank you ❤


  5. I relate to you so much! I am currently a sophmore and am being bullied! I don’t care what is said, I will not let ot define me as a person. Music helps me get through it all, as well as enjoying your content.

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  6. I was bullied in school too because my parents couldn’t afford name brand clothes :/ Kids can be so cruel! Great taste in music Lisa! Led Zeppelin is my fave band! Thanks for sharing beautiful!


  7. My previous comment went MIA🙈😭. I can’t believe you grew up in Williamsburg,Va😱?! I had a really good friend who lived in Ashland,Va where I lived from age 11-13 and she moved to Williamsburg to a big giant berry farm and I loved going over there. This would’ve been 1991-1993. It makes me so sad that bullying has been happening for so long and it’s broken so many hearts and affected so many people. It breaks my heart to think of it happening to you. Just last week I pulled my 14yr old out of public school and did something I never thought I’d do by agreeing to online school. I just couldn’t stand seeing her so sad all the time, and I’ll do anything in this world to protect her heart. Some boys chanted “Peppa Pig” at her as she walked by and one of them was her crush and she thought her friend. That was the final straw, and I knew meeting with the teachers couldnt do anything because they’d already addressed previous issues and it only got worse for her. My oldest had to be pulled out of the same school in the 8th grade for being bullied and I drove her an hour each way every day to a different school until the day she graduated. She still goes to counseling. Somehow this has to stop…the bullying is leaving such deep scars and impressions of pain and anxiety in so many peoples lives, and it’s affected our family for years. I want my girls to grow up being women who inspire with their stories of triumph just as you’ve done here. As long as there are people like you Lisa spreading positivity and sharing your inspiring stories, there will always be a communities of young women to inspire others, and a chance that my girls will be a part of such a community. Thank You for always spreading the positive messages of woman empowerment and positivity EVERYWHERE you go because it’s something that is so very much needed in today’s society and social media! I’m sad that you had those experiences , and yet I’m grateful for your strength to share and encourage!


  8. You’re amazing! I know how hard it is to deal with criticism. I’ve dealt with it my whole life. I’ve had some mean comments of how I do my makeup. But the thing is it doesn’t matter what people think. Just be who God made you to be! You’re you! And you’re amazing! I love your looks so much because they are so unique! There is no one like you, Lisa! You’re such a blessing and I love your posts and seeing what style you’re rocking! You are definitely an influencer! Your devotion to self love and spreading love instead of hate is so inspiring! That’s why I’ve stayed. I see that you have an amazing heart! Not many YouTubers are like this! But you are! Which is definitely set apart from the rest of the community. #ladycodearmyforever

    You’re the best and I look forward to continuing to follow you and your cause!


  9. I’ve always only had a very very small tight group of friends. Being a social butterfly is NOT something I know…not at all. But that’s ok, I love my close group of 4 girls, we are all we need. Listening to music that brings me back to highschool memories is something I do on a road trip for some reason. It’s a actually a must for long road trips LOL. I love to learn more about you with these little stories 🙂 xo
    I am @gracieviolette on IG


  10. I truly admire people like you who keep moving forward. I’m stuck in a rut rn, I feel like I’ve fallen down on rock bottom but hearing other people’s stories rly moves in knowing I can get out of this rut. I’m glad you found something you were passionate about, which is makeup and beauty, because focusing on something can help us get out of this “rut”


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