Fashion Hack: Strapless That Stays Up!

We’ve all been there. The strapless bra you were counting on to stay in place starts falling down after movement, and you have to awkwardly think of a way to discreetly pull everything back up. I used to avoid strapless bras and clothing because I couldn’t get the bras to stay in place. Yes, sticky boobs are an option but forget about it in the summer, because the humidity and sweat would cause that dreaded slip.

UpBra has innovated the bra industry by creating a bra that allows you to control your cleavage, and lifts you up! From their original bra to swimwear, they are providing us with a way to feel more confident. My personal favorite is the strapless one because it is so flexible to wear. The removable straps can be worn over 30 different ways, and the strapless actually stays up. Not only does it stay in place, but it gives you a major lift and a cleavage boost.

Here are some looks of me with my upbra:

Here is a photo of me without my UpBra so you can see how I am naturally:

It’s definitely an instant boob job and for me, it gives me a major confidence boost. The best part is that I can stay confident that it will stay put all day!

Watch my full YouTube video on Upbra below to learn more about how it works!

21 thoughts on “Fashion Hack: Strapless That Stays Up!

  1. OMG I totally needed this for this past weekend, lol! My daughter went to homecoming and we didn’t have a strapless bra, but figured it would probably be ok to go “bra less “ since she’s still “developing”, but that was the worst idea ever😂🤣!!! She came home with her girls frowning and said never again will she go Braless. Even I need to use these hacks for my summer dresses! Thanks Love!! ILYSM!


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