Motivational Monday: The Wonders of Volunteering

Happy Motivational Monday,

Volunteering has always been one of my biggest passions. I have always enjoyed dedicating my time to help others.

A few weeks ago, I went to an organization called Clean the World, an organization that recycles and donates soap world-wide. Part of my school program is based on community service and leadership. I went to Clean the World and spent my entire day there. They even gave me a tour of their faculty and explained more of their mission to me. What was started in a man’s garage, has now turned into an organization that dispensed 8,500 tons of soap. You can check out their website and learn how to get involved at


The summer before I started high school, I started a community service program called Just Like Me 2 ( My mission is to inspire children with learning disabilities and speech impediments to break down the barriers that stand in their way of achieving their goals. By meeting with students in my community with similar disabilities I help them to look beyond their difficulties and convey a sense of hope and promise. Over the past four years, I have gone to schools to speak to children, talked parents through the process of seeking alternative methods for studying and shared tips for being more supportive.


Throughout my time of volunteering, I have learned that giving ones time to others is the best gift of all as well as being personally fulfilling. For Motivational Monday, I want to motivate everyone to dedicate their time towards making a difference in someone else’s life.

Check out the video below:

Happy Motivational Monday.


Char ❤

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