What is Clean the World

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone.

I am currently at the Miss United States Teen Earth pageant and today we went to volunteer at Clean the World, an organization that is partnered with local hotels around the Orlando area. One of the leading causes of child deaths are preventable diseases such as pneumonia. The Clean the World organization collects opened bottles of soap, conditioner, shampoo,  body wash and other hygiene products. Today, the other contestants and I sorted through 20,000 bottles of shampoo and conditioner and 15,000 bars of soap. These hygiene products are then cleaned off and are made into new bars of soap resulting in 4000 care packages to be distributed world wide.


This organization is the largest global recycling center of hotel hygiene amenities. The goal of the organization is to eliminate waste and hygiene related illnesses. Through the work of clean the world, they have been able to cut the number of disease related deaths by one third since 2009.

Charlotte and other contestants at the Clean the World Organization.
Charlotte and other contestants at the Clean the World Organization.

Now you’re probably asking “What can I do to help?” The easiest way to make a difference is by volunteering, making hygiene kits, or donating soap. Before leaving a hotel ask yourself “Where is this soap going?” You could be making a difference and saving a life.

Char at Clean the World

Check out their website below:


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