Stopping Hate with Motivational Monday

Hi everyone,

Today’s Motivational Monday is going to be a little different. With all the hate occurring in the world today, it is only necessary for #MotivationalMonday to be about stopping this violence.


Last week 2 shootings occurred in Orlando, one which has become the deadliest mass shooting in the United States history. Why is it that we have to live in a world that judges people based on their color, gender, sexual preference or religion?

I want to motivate everybody to be kind to their fellow man regardless of who they are. Be kind to those who are different from you, all of our hearts beat the same and it is with these hearts that we feel the pain and sadness from last week’s events.

Because of last week’s events, I will leave you with these uplifting words by Dr. King,

When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds of despair, and when our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way, and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

~Dr. Martin Luther King”

More love, less hate

Have a Motivational Monday!

~Char ❤

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