Wellness Wednesday: June 8, 2016

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone,

My favorite place in the world is Sanibel Island. This island is surrounded by water and is my favorite place to go and unwind. Since I happen to be in my favorite place right now, today’s Wellness Wednesday is about the positive aspect of the ocean.


The University of Exeter in England conducted a study that showed looking at the ocean acts as a stress reliever. My advice, next time your stressed, take a walk along the beach. Not only is this a great workout but the salt affects your mental health, acts as a detoxifier and helps you focus and unwind.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.37.09 PM

If you are in a landlocked state and unable to get to the beach, go to another body of water like a lake or even a swimming pool. You can even set the image of a beach as your wallpaper and take a salt bath.

Happy Wellness Wednesday, 





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