Love Your Body First

Every day, scrolling through Instgram, I see women with unrealistic bodies promoting products like waist trainers, detox teas, teeth whitening kits, and crazy new tools to make you skinnier, trendier, prettier, and… happier? 

waist training

khloe kardashian waist training khloe kardashian waist training instagram
Just imagine what this contraption is doing to your internal organs!

I was a victim to this crazy form of aggressive (and unhealthy) social marketing for the past two years. I bought the waist trainers, the laxative teas, the teeth whitening kits, the makeup, and the face masks. Seeing the perfect women on Instagram promoting these products made me feel like I wasn’t skinny enough. I didn’t squat enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. My hair wasn’t long/thick enough. As a result of this, I bought whatever these perfect Instagram girls were selling. 

lisa morales instagram teeth whitening

Little did I know that I was subconsciously comparing myself to these girls and it led to a negative relationship with my body. I was willing to torture my body with waist trainers and laxatives to get achieve look that is unrealistic and unattainable for me. For two years, I wore a corset that moved and bruised my organs because I had to get that perfect waist. I tried body wraps that claimed to take inches off your body, and I relied on detox tea with laxatives to lose weight in as low as 2 weeks. 

lisa morales
Seeing photos like this come up in my feed made me feel like my body wasn’t good enough…

It wasn’t until I suffered from a complex health issue involving my appendix (most likely as a result of the waist training) that I realized how cruel I was being to myself and my body. My dear body, which regardless of what I was putting it through, kept trying to keep me alive and fought for my health. During my recovery I started to connect with my body.


We only have one body to live in. It fights every day to keep us alive. It puts up with all the chemicals you put on it, all the fast food you eat, the negative thoughts you have about it when you look in the mirror, the crazy things you do to it to try to lose weight, the alcohol you drink, the tobacco you smoke. It never stops taking care of you. 

Isn’t it time you took care of it back? 

Your body is your body, you are YOU. Love yourself, and love your body back by only putting healthy, nourishing food into your body. Take walks, jog, and exercise. Drink plenty of water. Stop putting disgusting things like GMO’s, artificial foods, soda, processed foods, alcohol, and trans fats into your body. Your body is strong and it can handle it, but why would you do that to yourself? Once you develop a healthy relationship with your body, you are going to start to see a major lifestyle change and a major change in the relationship you have with yourself and your body image. In fact, eating clean and exercising will make you become the most beautiful you that you can be, and the confidence you gain from loving yourself will make you even more radiant! 


Now hit that unfollow button on all those crazy girls’ social media accounts. None of us need that kind of negativity in our lives. 

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10 thoughts on “Love Your Body First

  1. This fitness area helps me so much! I started a diet and fitness journey 2 weeks ago and i already lost 6kg, it all depends on how focused you are! Thank you so much


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