How to Survive the World Cup 2014

Today marks the first day of the FIFA World Cup 2014! As I watch Brazil battle it out with Croatia to be one step closer to the finals, I couldn’t help but wonder how avid soccer fans can become so infatuated with soccer. Now, in the U.S, soccer may not be as popular as it is in the rest of the world, but with the U.S.A team playing in the World Cup this year, I’m sure you will encounter a moment where the following information will become useful.

Within the next 30 days, it is very likely that you will be stuck watching a World Cup game, whether its with your friends, co-workers, or your boyfriend. You can either turn down your invitations to watch the games, and have girl’s night for the next 30 days, or, if you’re like me, you can find a way to stick it out since quality time with family, guyfriends, boyfriends, and old friends are important.

This article is not for the regular soccer fan who can find themselves yelling at the screen during a close match. This is a simple survival guide for girls to help make a soccer game more interesting.

boring soccer survival girl

1. Choose a team (or three) to support. Whether its a country with the hottest players (hello, Portugal), a country that you have lived in, a country you have visited and are simply fond of, a country that you’re from, or a country with the cutest uniform (Argentina!), finding a team to back is not hard. Worst case, back the team that your friends are backing. When you have a team to cheer for, the game gets a little more interesting. I’m rooting for Japan (I’m half Japanese), Spain, because I used to live there (and their team kicks butt!), and Portugal…not only for Cristiano Ronaldo but also because I have visited Portugal, and it is a gorgeous, peaceful country with vibrant culture and the friendliest strangers. It will be fun to catch all their games and cheer them on in hopes of them making it to the finals.


2. Eye Candy.  If there’s any sport that is known for having hot players, it is most definitely soccer. Take today’s game for example. I am now aware that Brazil is one of the hottest soccer teams, and that in itself makes the game more interesting. I won’t be turning down an invitation to watch another Brazil game. You’ll have at least one man crush by the end of each game.. I promise.

hottest soccer players world cup 2014 pique ronaldo

3. Understand the rules of the game. With a typical game having only 2-4 goals, soccer can be a little bland. Once you understand how soccer works, it will be more interesting to watch a game. understand the meanings of offsides, fouls, free kicks, etc. Soccer is a very, very simple game so its easy to keep track.

4. Show off your team spirit. Get a cute Jersey from your favorite team. Having something new and relevant to wear will make you want to wear it out to a game when the team is playing, plus I heard that guys love seeing girls in sports team jerseys.

soccer fans

5. Make conversation. If you’re in a social environment, spark up some conversation with the bored girlfriends around you. If you’re stuck with your guyfriends or boyfriend, just ask questions about the game, how soccer works, and which team they are rooting for and why. The World Cup truly brings the world together as everyone around the world gather together to watch this event. Be a part of the unity and just enjoy spending time with your close friends, even if soccer isn’t your thing, it can still bring friends together and that in itself is special.


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