One on One with Jenna Frazier: Miss Colorado United States 2014

Wednesdays can be packed with emails, assignments, and meetings, which can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, and sometimes just a little discouraged. Luckily I have a very inspiring interview with the newly crowned Miss Colorado United States 2014, Jenna Frazier to help you get over the hump.

Although Jenna is a phenomenal role model and beauty queen today, she has had a history with bullying, and she wants to share it with the world to show that bullying can happen to anyone. In fact, her platform as Miss Colorado United States 2014 is bullying. Lady Code is here to support her in any way we can to help her cause. Bullying didn’t stop Jenna, and look at where she is today!

Jenna Frazier Miss Colorado 2014

Age: 21

Favorite Color: Purple or teal..(cheetah print isn’t a color)

Favorite Book: Honestly, I am a complete bookworm and can’t pick. I love thrillers, supernatural, and teen angst genres.

Favorite Workout: Body Barre

Scholastic Achievements:

Graduated Burkburnett High School in 2010. 2 Years as a Secondary Art Education major at Midwestern State University. I will hopefully be starting at the Aveda Institute in Denver in July to become an esthetician and makeup artist.

Occupation: I sell Origins skincare and cosmetics at a Dillard’s, and deliver pizzas for Extreme Pizza.


I love to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. I have been doing musical theatre and modeling for several years. I love creating new masterpieces and reading all books. When I’m not going a million miles an hour, I enjoy taking my bunny (Harvey) on walks.

Jenna Frazier_1


Congratulations on being Miss Colorado United States 2014! Can you tell us how you got involved with pageantry?

This was actually the first pageant I have ever participated in. I was completely blown away that I won! Actually, a good friend of mine, Laura Clark, called me back in November and told me she didn’t care if I was in Texas or Colorado that I had to do this pageant. So on a leap of faith, and encouragement from Laura, I signed up. I’m kind of bummed I haven’t started in pageants sooner.

What would you say to a woman who may be on the line about competing in a pageant?

I would tell them jump in headfirst! Regardless if they win or not, pageants open numerous doors that may otherwise remain closed. I had a blast getting to meet new young women who are just as driven as I am, and they will remain friends for a lifetime. I also learned several things about myself in just a short weekend. It’s a growing experience and a life adventure. You could be like me, and end up winning!

What is the most rewarding thing about pageants?

Besides holding the crown and honor of representing Colorado at nationals, the most rewarding part of pageants is the personal growth you go home with. I will forever be in debt to the girls who made me feel less like a rookie and more like a seasoned veteran. I learned that I have a support team that could move mountains if they thought I needed it. I also discovered that being true to yourself is really the most powerful weapon you own. Pageants are not a competition against other women, they are a measure of how great of a woman you already are.


Tell us about your platform:

Forgive me if I word this wrong, I am still new to the pageant world. I want to shed light on the world of bullying and how it is so much more than the stereotypical “bully pushing a kid down in the hallway”. Most bullying happens amongst close circles of friends as well. I also am taking a stand against bullying in relationships. I want young women, or women of any age, to realize that control, mental abuse, and threats or ultimatums is a form of bullying.

Jenna in high school
Jenna in high school


 Have you ever experienced bullying?

I actually have been bullied before, and that is why I am so against it now. My senior year in high school was the worst of it for me. I was captain of my drill team, so I was fairly popular and well liked, and I was tormented by the other leaders on my squad who were also my best friends. They had no idea I was dealing with family problems, an abusive relationship, and had just been diagnosed with PMDD and depression. I never told them because it was only fuel to their fire. One day, a friend looked at me and said, “Jenna, we’re mean to you because we know you’re going to cry…and we think that’s funny.” I didn’t even want to go to school on most days, let alone to drill team which was the main part of my high school experience anyway.

 How did you first react to bullying?

My first reaction to bullying just about broke me as a person. It also took me until after graduation to fully get myself back together. I was in therapy and on antidepressants, but had no way to really rid myself of the situation. Maybe it was wrong to keep my issues to myself, but I didn’t want them to treat me like I was incapable of my duties as a leader. I relied on my mom, and my absolute best friend to keep me stable in the worst moments of my days. I only managed through the situation. I knew better things were ahead for me, I just had to make it through.

 How did you overcome bullying, and how has it made a difference in who you are today?

Once I separated myself from my tormentors, I became a new person! I realized that petty words and actions used to hurt, and now they have no power. I focused on my goals and dreams. I knew I was headed for greatness and these experiences were only going to make me stand taller. I can look back at all of my weak moments and see how exactly those were just puzzle pieces building a bigger picture. Now being Miss Colorado United States 2014 I have a chance to share my story of triumph with everyone I meet.


Do you have any advice you can offer for our readers who may be bullied? 

I hate to hear girls say, “I don’t like girls. I would rather hangout with boys.” Think of history and all of the struggles women have gone through to get to where we are today, and for what cost? We should be sisters and strong for each other, not the greater evil. I want all readers to know that if someone is putting you down, or making you feel subpar to who you are as an individual…let it go! Use their negativity to fuel your dreams and determination to succeed. Never forget what they said to you or did to you because it’s a reminder to never treat anyone else that way, but do forgive them. Always forgive, and never forget that bigger and better things are coming your way. I went from a girl just getting by and trying to survive to a pageant queen who has a bigger voice than ever!

Jenna Frazier

What can our readers do within their communities to get involved?

I charge readers to be aware. Be aware of the words you speak before they leave your mouth, you may not know what someone is going through. Be aware of the bullying you CAN see, and react, but be conscious of the bullying you CAN’T see. Find a local peer-mentoring program and just be an ear to listen. There are so many unspoken stories that need to be heard.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Five years from now, I can see myself traveling the world. As an esthetician I would love to work at a high end spa somewhere close to the beach, but I can also take that career all over the world. I would love to see how women take care of their health and beauty all over the world. I want to witness the process of using rice waters in Asia, and kohl in India, and the benefits of eucalyptus in Australia. There is a whole world out there, and I want to get my hands on it!

Who is your role model and why?

For the sake of sounding cliché, my mother is my role model. She is not only my caretaker and biggest fan, but she is my best friend. She has never given up on me, and has somehow managed to put up with my stubbornness and spontaneity in life. I envy her ability to be so selfless and compassionate in any situation she encounters. I hope I grow up to be even half of the woman she is to me.


Keep up with Jenna!

Instagram: @JENNA_DENISE124

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